Monday, May 12, 2008

Wicked, Xanadu, and Megan Hilty - OH MY!

Today and last Sunday I had the extreme pleasure of seeing two shows, first Xanadu on Broadway in NYC, and today Wicked for the FOURTH time. Thanks to the amazing Trent, not only did I see the shows I also got to meet the cast!!
Today was insanely fun, as you probably know from previous posts on the blog I've taken pretty much my entire family and most of my friends to see Wicked, and today was the final show for two of the main cast members, as well as near the end for my #1 fav, Megan Hilty, who plays Glinda in the show. Megan has been there for every Wicked performance I've seen and she truly MAKES the show.
Tonight was no exception, she really gave it her all and was incredibly fun and hilarious. We had such a great time! If you haven't seen Wicked yet, YOU MUST GO. It's playing in Chicago, LA, NYC, and touring other places.
After the show we got to go backstage to meet Megan. She gave us a full tour of the stage which was a blast! It was so cool to see the behind the stage workings of everything.
The baby from the show! She said in one show the leg fell off of it. LOL!
The monkey costume! She also showed the inner workings of the stage setup... cool!
This photo came out dark, but the Pantages is a HUGE theater. Megan said she had been doing Wicked for FOUR years - oy! She's leaving to do 9 to 5, a musical based on the Dolly Parton movie next.
Megan's dressing room was SO CUTE! This is an amazing photo tapestry a fan made for her.They make a cute couple!
She's so funny, and was so nice and sweet to take the time with us. I heart her! It was amazing to meet her and have that experience!
Very much a Glinda dressing room!
Don't forget those Pitt Pads!
Aaaaah I heart her!
Ahem... ok... regaining composure - sadly, I geeked out about 10% of what the people behind us did - there were people CRYING behind us during the show - then laughing and clapping at every little thing. And scary! :P

Last Sunday T took me to see Xanadu on Broadway... now I'm really not a big fan of musicals but had heard so many good things about it from him, I was really excited to see it!
Broadway is actually right next to Times Square - it looks so different during the day.
Xanadu stars Cheyenne, and yeah, he's dreamy. (Cue boy band music)
If you see Xanadu, you pretty much have to take this picture.

I had a GREAT time seeing Xanadu, it's hysterically funny - and has pretty much everything you could want, even great Aussie accents and hilariously creative writing and lyrics. We had a blast! I totally want to see it again. It's really well done and I totally recommend it to anyone - the whole audience was laughing and really enjoying it the whole time.

After, we went downstairs to meet Cheyenne Jackson and Kerry Butler, who were very gracious and fun to talk to:
They do such a great job on the show, I really have to make it back to NYC to see them again before the cast changes. It's coming to LA this year so that'll be fun. :)

I pretty much can't thank Trent enough for all the fun times, both shows were incredibly fun and meeting the cast and going backstage added to an already great evening. He rules!

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