Wednesday, August 31, 2005

FYI, this is what I look like when...

Leaving work before 11pm. :)

Yes, this is my first mobile post from my Treo600 geekphone. Technology is so damn cool... now I can update my blog from ANYWHERE! Welcome to 2003 Darion....

Ever feel like this?

I do. Tooooo often...

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Movies galore

I found time to catch two movies over the weekend...
First up, I saw Red Eye, starring the new America's Sweetheart Rachel McAdams, who does a great job, and Cillian Murphy of Batman Begins (Scarecrow). They were excellent in the flick, I found it very entertaining. It's Wes Craven's first flick outside of Dimension in a long time, and I found the script to be very well written. The supporting cast outside of Rachel & Cillian kind of sucked... lol

Next up I saw The 40 Year Old Virgin with J&J. It was pretty damn funny. Very graphic, very extreme, very freaking funny. By far the funniest movie I've seen all year. It was cool seeing a movie with no big stars/knowns in it, just a great script, very creative and original. My fav scene: Definitely the drunk chick in the PT Cruiser. :) I could barely breathe... Definitely recommended, be warned it's pretty vulgar and graphic... think American Pie for 30 year olds. ;)

That pretty much sums it up

... Yeah.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Just in case you forgot

Sin City is out on DVD tomorrow... HOT!
Long live Robert Rodriguez!

P.S. I saw Wedding Crashers over the weekend. It was great, pretty funny, even tho Owen Wilson was in it. :D Rachel McAdams is really cute in it, I think she's the America's Sweetheart Hohan was supposed to be before she got all cracked out and nasty. Also watched A Very Long Engagement, it's slow but the cinematography and story are really good.

Friday, August 12, 2005

I promise not to wait a billion years to update again

But who the bleep knows, I'm a busy guy.
Look at the view from my hotel room. It's like someone died and I became king, like in a cheesy ass Disney movie.
"Gamedevprince Diaries 3 - We Ran Out Of Ideas But Julie Andrews Needs Rent Money"

So besides waterfalls, ATV's, gorgeous woods, blue water and amazing views, Kauai also features... CHICKENS. I swear to god they've bred like hamsters left alone for 100 years. They are everywhere.... no joke. It's hilarious.

Chocobo Island!

Kauai: Why the f*** did I leave?

I went to Kauai Hawaii at the end of May before work got crazy. It was soooo beautiful. Here's what it looks like after you've spent a day hiking to waterfalls from Jurassic Park. This is the view you get when you stop on the two lane highway that covers the whole island... sigh. It's called Waimea Canyon, and I <3> I drove an ATV and literally 'tore up' the mountain. They put me in the back so I went really fast - which is great when you are going up and down mountainsides on a ranch.
Yes, I actually took this picture. It's so goddamn pretty, I know. The water is really that blue. And, sometimes golden mermaids emerge from the ocean to bring you chilled Mojitos and pizza. Well, not really.
Why the bleep did I leave?