Monday, January 02, 2006

New Years crazyness in LA....

So New Years was quite the debacle. Headed up to LA Downtown for the Giant Village, got a hotel room in advance and was all ready to go.... and the damn thing was cancelled! Apparently the fire marshall didn't feel it was safe. Well, there's 15,000 PO'ed people with $80 tickets each. Black Eyed Peas and a ton of other bands/dj's were going to be there, so it sucked. Basically spent an hour scrambling trying to find something else to do at 9PM on NYE. Ended up going to the Together As One concert in the Sports Arena which Paul Van Dyk headlined - it was pretty good. Crazy ass mixed LA crowd, it was sort of a rave.... lots of fun pics below!
This is what you saw when you walked in... there were 3 areas, this was in the center of the sports arena. It was INSANE! People and more people everywhere. It was a pretty cool cultural mix, just about every variation of human was there. :)

The light shows were pretty cool. They had a fog machine but half the smoke was.... smoke. You can see a guy lighting up on the left there. Yum, 2nd hand smoke!

THIS cracked me up! So many people were tripping on E or whatever, the ravers would roam about, find someone out of their mind, and do little light shows in their face for like five minutes. LOL!! Too funny.

Well, since I'm talking about all the rampant drug use, and you couldn't be there, most people had two basic looks. First up, you have the "Zombie" raver look, as I've enacted for you below:

Then, you have the "DUUUDDEEE I'm totally blitzed... huh what?" look as noted below. Please note I studied many faces to make sure I could re-enact these with the utmost detail possible.


Ravers totally have the best bling. It cracks me up, from the little froggy/hello kitty backpacks, to the above sleeper joggers/massive pants with cartoon characters. The accessories were hilarious! So hilarious....

They had a whole shopping district selling all sorts of raver bling. lol

The one thing I do not like... the goddamn butterfly wings that every other girl seemed to be wearing. I kept getting poked by them while waiting in line for tickets. Listen, girls, these wings DO NOT MAKE YOU MORE ATTRACTIVE. In fact, they make you verrrryyy annoying. After about two hours of getting whacked by those things, I wanted to go on a rampage and tear all those things up... eh.

Oooh it's about to hit midnight!


Nothing like partying with 20 or 30,000 of your closest friends....

I was wayyyy overdressed for the event. LOL!