Sunday, July 29, 2007

Garbage is BACK!

Garbage released their greatest hits album this week... I LOVE them! Probably my favorite all time band. Shirley ROCKS and looks amazing in the new video! Must meet her.... check out:
Garbage - Tell Me Where It Hurts

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Cool peeps are born in July

I'm finally catching up with blogging on the previous week's crazyness! First up, a belated but very happy birthday to Mike! He had a big birthday bash at Saddle Ranch, which is a fun country/western bar & grill on Sunset in Hollywood. The main attraction? Riding the bull!

Example A:The bra strap wasn't the only thing that was loose. WAKKA WAKKA! :) It's pretty funny watching the throngs of eager people looking to gyrate on the bull.

Max was the first of our group to jump on the bull:

"Don't fall like this. It's how I broke my wrist the first 3 times.""WOO! I ROCK! Eat this, bitches! The bull ain't got nothing!"
Mike, being a good sport (I was a bad sport), signed his life away to riding the bull. (Really, it's like a 12 page legally binding document!)
"Really, you just hold on, like Lindsay & her crack rocks. You ever try to take those away?"
"Seems pretty easy..."
"It's my birthdayyyy! YEE HAWWWWWWWWW!"
"WAAAHH" you can see Mike's shoes just near the head of the bull. :) He was like 1 second away from winning!
"Yeah, I'm da man!"
Most impressive, Mike!

T & I were both way too chicken to ride the bull. I have this crazy disorder where I enjoy all my bones being in the same place and not broken.
LK (Loveable Kirsten) in the hizzy!
"She's my LK! MINE!"
Random slu ... ehr, random Lady riding the bull!
Mike got a massive birthday cake - it was enough for all his entire entourage of 30 friends that showed up!
We decided to feed birthday cake to each other wedding style. I think we actually managed to gross out nearby patrons - SWEET! :D


Next up Paul decided he'd make the bull his bee-yotch.
"See, hold onto it like Winona Ryder when she's using her five-finger discount at Barney's."

Steve went up next and did pretty damn well!
"See, just hold on to it like Paris clings to fame."
Happy b-day Mike! How great is this MySpace shot?

So next up I met Whitney... who's Whitney, you may ask? Well, Whitney introduced herself by asking me what the object you are looking for in Zelda (On the NES!!!!) was. I of course, being a big nerd, said "THE TRIFORGE!". She then proceeded to act out the animations of Punch Out (NES!), including Glass Joe! Not only where they in 8-bit perfection, she actually broke her dress doing them. Yes, friends, only in LA does a woman that looks like this outsmart you on 8-bit Nintendo trivia.
*Edit: In a bit of MySpace and The Amazing Whitney irony, she corrected me - it was the TriForce in Zelda NES. I'm turning in my nerd card next week, peeps.*
"See, then if you get to the 8th level of Mario but you use the A BB A BB A DOWN UP cheat code, then..."

Dan took the camera and got some great pictures of me looking completely bewildered. I think I said about 8 times "How do you know this?!?!"
"ZOMG what's the name of the fairy in Zelda you get full health from?"
D: WTF? Someone pinch and or slap me!

"The 3rd time I beat Gears of War I got kinda bored..."

Yes, I really did look stunned for like 15 minutes or more.Dan, Whitney, and me rocking out! And I was serious about her breaking her dress doing Glass Joe impersonations - she found a bobby pin to fix it! LA RULES!
The gang! Hope you had a great evening Mike!

To round out my insane week, I saw The Fray at The Greek with Cameron. It was so fun! They put on such a great show! The lighting was fantastic and they sounded soooo good.
They shot a spotlight from the back onto the ball and it looked so cool.

They ran video on the background of some of their songs which was pretty cool.
At one point they played Hips Don't Lie by Shakira. I was dying! So funny. The drummer actually came up and sang!
If lights could make sound, this would be "PHOOOM"
They brought everyone on stage for one of their big songs, Over My Head I think. It was fun.
"EVERYONE .... dance now! Dunnnnh Dunnnh"
I think the peeps behind us are trying to sneak into our shot. Rude!
The Fray rocks!
I totally heart the Greek theater!
Must see again!

Cool background....

Unfortunately, the traffic leaving was a mess!
Great evening though, I love all the concerts that come through here.
I'm off for another fun weekend. Cheers!

Simpsons and Stalkers

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately, but I have been insanely busy with both work and my personal life... LA just keeps going! Plus I got sick this week which slowed me down and I haven't done anything except work long hours... boo! But tonight changed all that!
I met up with Angela, Shelby, and Trent to go to dinner and see the Simpsons movie! It was SO FUNNY! The whole theater was laughing the entire time. Literally less then a minute goes by without a great joke. It's so smart, clever, and funny! I was worried it'd be like 4 episodes strung together but it's really well done.

"OMG The Beckhams are coming to America?"
There's a lot of great satire on the whole situation of the film... brilliant.
Naked bart!

Really, it's hilarious. If you have ever liked the Simpsons, you have to see it!

We had dinner at a Mexican place - getting there we passed it like 4 times as the place had changed it's name, but nothing online was updated! LOL

The food was good but you had to *pay* for the chips and salsa. Really, people. That's just not cool.

At the start of the night they brought out these weird cabbage-radish-potato-celery thingies. None of us could figure it out....
"WTF? Where's my deep fried tortilla chip?"
"It tastes vaguely natural! EWWWWWW!"
"If this was Oregon, I'd get my shotgun out of the truck and blast this thing to bits."
Welcome to LA Shelby! :)
Shelby was visiting us from my homestate of Oregon, represent!

At the theater, possibly after a drink or seven, Ang and I decided to revise Stalker Eyes. You know it, you love it, ... or at least I do. :)
"HUH? What's that up there? Oooh shiny..... AAAAAAAAH I'M BEING STALKED"

"OMG! Scary stalker guy with crazy long arms is taking my photo while stalking me! ... OMG I am gonna look totally hawt on his MySpace stalker site!"

At the theater we ran into Adam Brody and Ben McKenzie from the OC... I didn't bother them, even though I totally wanted a photo. It just felt too... stalkerish, and you know how I hate that. :D

Here's a totally cute group photo, it's like a beautiful Oregon tapestry, with a Michigan sun! ;) We had a great night and I'm lucky to have such awesome friends. My cheeks are sore from laughing... seriously.
Have a great weekend!