Friday, July 13, 2007

Happy Birthday T-Lizzle

It was Trent's birthday tonight, and we had quite the b-day bash! It was so much fun. He invited out all his LA friends, and we were quite the mixed crew! It was a wild, loud, fun night full of very cool people and lots of laughter, with just a pinch o crazy thrown in for good measure. That recipe adds up to: Birthday Fun! He turned 26 (again) so I happily welcome him (back) to the land of 26 year olds! As I told him, it sucks because apparently you no longer get carded (seriously, I don't have that much grey hair people), and according to my 'friends' it means you are "Late 20's". Boo.
I was totally apart of the cool kids club of Danielle, John, and Danielle. Only John and I had to go by Danielle in order to be cool.

My crazy extendo-arm redeemed itself tonight with lots of MySpace quality long-arm photos (now with 50% less underage whoreish shots).

Max, Paul, and Mike thought they were on the cool side, but the Danielle's (hereby referred to as Danielle2) could pretty much kick their ass.I'm fairly certain Matt grabbed some serious boob in this photo - and I reckon Kirst didn't mind one little bit. ;)

The salads came in these crazy shaped bowls, and in my Mojito inspired photography I thought it'd be funny to blog and say something snarky, and the photo doesn't show the tilted bowl at all. Lame."No alcohol was consumed during this party - because that would be wrong."
Seriously, it was so wrong that Danielle1 left and Danielle2 was no more - it was just Danielle. :( Cue Nelly Furtado's "All Good Things Must Come To An End"!
Mike makes an eye + nose cameo!
Happy B-day, Trent!! (Yes, that is a birthday garlic cheese fry platter - there are candles there!)
I had a joke all ready about the Trifecta of something and now I've gone and forgotten it... boo. Insert something witty here!

So since I was a right bastard and didn't invite T to our Kwik E Mart outing, I got him the only birthday gift that was appropriate - Krusty O's! The best cereal you could expect from a TV clown.

I'm sooooooooo ready for the weekend and some 'sleep', I think they call it. Peace out!

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