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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween with Jamy Winehouse

WOW. I had so much fun last night, it probably should have been illegal. I have been working on my costume for Halloween 2008 for a bit, trying to think of something cool.... and I did! I channeled Jamy Winehouse, Amy's fictional but equally cracked out and insane brother. I donned full rocker gear and a very crazy british accent, which I'm proud to say I kept up the WHOLE night! Whew! OK there's a lot of goodness to share... so let's get on with the pics!
We started the festivities at Brian's pad, and helped him assemble letters:
He was amazingly creative in his role as a mailman, and actually had letters made up for various costume types, so when he ran into people he could give them a letter! lol! My friends rule - From left to right: Max, Dylan, Jamy, Brian Michael (BMMB), Brian

Sexy Jesus and Jamy posed for a photo op as well:
Yup! Straight to hell. Not passing Go, not getting $200.
Jesus harassed the cab driver on the way over. "You know I died for your sins, right?"... yeah it was so funny, we were cracking the hell up! Luckily the cab driver didn't kick us out. :) It made for a VERY entertaining ride though.

Next it was on to my friends Fred and Jason's house for their huge annual Halloweenie party! Open bar, and all the proceeds went to charity - what more can you ask for? This lady kept saying something about "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!". Heheh, us English folk are all crazy. Christ wafers, surprisingly, taste like chocolate. (Straight to hell, people, I'm not even kidding)

Now, republicans are few and far between in Los Angeles, but these nice folks did attend the party: They seemed nice. Slow, but nice. They sure do love their McCain and Palin!Holy Shots!!!
Fred, one of the hosts of the party, such a nice guy... Well, he's not really a guy at all, he's more of a... Centaur. Yeah, it's true. LA caters to everything! But I'm all for equal human/manimal rights.
Ol' Jesus and I ran into a bunch of friends from Oz: It's like we met the off-off-off-broadway version of Wicked. LOVES IT! This Dorothy had smokes in her hair. Clever girl! I don't know what's going on here. My jaw looks broken tho. Hawt. You can't see the large amount of coke that I had on my nose/face, but you can see my blood trail leakage from my nose. You know how those crazy rockstars love to OD! Oh this chick's carpet matched the drapes. I'M JUST SAYING. Come fly the friendly tranny skies! There were several Michael Phelps. Jamy's question to this fellow was:
"Daaahhling! You poor, poor thing. Is the economy that bad you can't afford any clothing? My sistah Amy would love you! She'd do a line right off yer face, mate!" Travis took a ball to the face. White Trash showed up! Who knew? There was an OPEN FREAKING BAR, people. Grace Kelly was surprisingly tall... and adam's apple-ish. Dorothy! You old bitch! LOVES IT! Elpheba and a lone monkey! I think the paparazzo caught me mid-vulgar-obscenity-laden sphiel here. "Turn off the fu**ing camera, man! Seriously, mate!"Brandon as the Home Depot guy and Tom as Dennis The Menace! Rado and Eric as leather dudes. You know, they seemed really comfortable with the costume. I'm just saying.... It was packed! This nurse was also checking out my armpits. ALL REAL, DAHLING! TAKE A WHIFF!There was a whole lotta banana present. Potassium FTW! Seriously, there were some old ass chicks there! Hi Keira Knightley! Tina Turner was aging well IMHO. BMMB & B and my famous EXTENDO-ARM self shot. WOO! Brandon and Sarah kept biting each other. They'd die, Jesus would ressurect them, I'd do a line of coke. It's a nasty cycle, this Halloween. When in costume, giving the finger and cursing constantly is fun - bc an English accent makes it all sound OK! I'm refined!This group ruled! Every time I walked by they'd yell JAMY! JAME WINEHOUSE! WE LOVE YOU! lolol :) Loves it! Two people asked me "how long I've lived here" bc they thought my accent was real. LOLOL I think this nurse just injected BMMB with something. Afterparty? lol And BMMB just lovesss to show off that stigmata. :P Of course, pimps were there... And I became BFF's with the sexy undead photog! CALL ME BABY! In other news, I've stopped eating.

Something magical did happen, fellows: I MET MY SISTAH AMY!! SHE'S OUTTA REHAB! "HELLOOOOO DAHLLINGGG! You look gorgeeoussssss!!!!" I just love love love that we had the same expression, makeup, and baggies of coke on us!"Go away Paparazzi! This is family time! Stay away from my sistah!! NOO, NOO, NOO!"Oh dear Amy... maybe we shouldn't have done that last baggie of angel dust... we're headed straight to the shittah, dahling!This poor doctor and his wife couldn't afford clothing! This economy is just awful when even a DOCTOR can't afford a shirt. Seriously people. His wife did oblige by biting me tho. I'm a lil undead now, mates! Buggah. Believe me when I say I left the party with clothespins in places I didn't know I had. Bettie Page and I posed it up for the cameras! But wait... MORE DOUGH EYED! MORE! YOU HATE ZE CAMERA! YOU ARE A KITTEN! ROWR!There we go. Purr. Thanks baby!
Now... LESS DOUGH EYED! Perfect! I think this may have been a chica from Hairspray. I'm not sure. I knew I'd run into Mario and Luigi!! Miss Universe was quite sweet! Plus she offered me a hit. So nice. SO NICE!"Christina Ricci? Sorry bout the tongue, baby. Have you met my sistah Amy? She'd do a line off your breasts, man. I'm not even joking."Joe the plumber lives!ROCK AND ROLLLLLLL DAHLINGS!!!! I think I threw up after this. Hopefully not on Jesus. His stigmata will act up....

Ahem. Well, I must say, it was deff one of my fav nights of the last few years... I had a blast, stayed in character, WORKED the party and talked to just about everyone... it's amazing how social barriers are blown away when everyone is dressed up! Funnily, the night ended as many do here in LA...
I got gang-spanked by a clothespin dominatrix, a busty cop, and Dorothy from Oz. Yeah, pretty standard.
I can't wait to bust out the now infamous Jamy Winehouse this Friday! WOO!