Friday, August 25, 2006

in Seattle...

enjoying the sights and sounds!! having a great time. I am here for PAX but doing some touristy stuff too!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The geeks are among us!

Comic Con was a blast as always this year. I went for a few hours on Friday to catch the Snakes on a Plane presentation, and it was awesome. David Ellis, the director, was great, as was the snake handler and of course Sam "Bad MOFO" Jackson. They had the crowd in stitches, there were several thousand people waiting to see them, and several thousand more waiting outside.
Jules the snake handler brought a bunch of slithery friends! Everyone was pretty brave and handled them, including a guy from the audience.

Big snakes!

This one was so huge it took 6 people to bring it out. Anaconda! They set it down on the stage at one point, and someone yelled "SNAKES ON A STAGE!". Everyone roared.

The full Q&A, hosted by Keanan Thompson of SNL. It was hilarious. Sam Jackson had the crowd in stitches. During the Q&A, a guy asked : "Sam, it looks like those snakes went through a lot of pain and suffering in the film. Do you think they deserved to die?" Sam paused, and perfectly repeated the famous line "Yeah they deserved to die, and I hope they burn in hell!". LOL
Besides the overwhelming smell of BO and unparalleled geekyness, the first things you notice upon entering Comic Con are the massive crowds, and the great costumes people dressed up in. Star Wars, as always, was the most popular (next to balding sweaty mid 30's overweight tight t-shirt geek, of course).
Here we have a nice stormtrooper. Hey there, buddy.
In a scene from Troopers Gone Wild, here we have a lone female human getting spanked by said stormtrooper. She wanted it!
See, this photo is just as disturbing the 2nd time around. I felt you needed to experience it twice.

Did I mention that a few gazillion people came to SD for this? It was INSANE! You could barely walk in the building, and the streets were way over capacity. Apparently it brings over a 100,000 ubernerds to SD each year.
Yes, random hot chicks who look like the very act of being there is like losing Prom Queen all over again to that bitch Misty who won by sleeping with the entire football squad, are randomly placed throughout the con. By day 4 I think they get used to the oggling and gradually come to terms with the fact their modeling career consists of dressing up as a pre-pubescent boy's dream of what a woman should be. OUCH! I think they just got served.
Indiana Jones = cheapest, lamest costume ever. BOO!
Cardboard Tube Samurai from Penny Arcade. Ha!

Scary sailor moon girl was quite the little texting demon. Do they have SMS on planet Zebulon?
This guy looked frightenling similar to Johnny Depp. However, no one pulls off the crazy quite as well.
I'm not sure what's going on up there. It's just a world of NO.

Random picture! This was Friday night with J&C at the Thievery Corporation show. We had a blast! Great time.

In the world of Pokemon, this is the last thing you will probably see before you die. PIKACHUUUUUU
Moving around was like wading in a living human pool of molasses. Without the fun, sweet taste, and more of a pungent-lives-with-his-parents-at-46 sorta smell.
This Klingon costume was actually cool. Most of the others were just sorta said. Props to the parents who dressed their 5 year old and 8 year old as Klingons though, there's no better way to guarantee public school hell then dressing up your kid as a Klingon. GACH ZURHUL!
Anime people! Yay!
A very good Corpse Bride. Although at first, I thought maybe she just had the same chicken sandwhich I did from the con cafeteria.

This costume was insane! It was like this huge robot evil miner thing.
SNAKES ON A CON! Cool booth. Lots of public interest to say the least. They had some of the clothes worn by the stars.... they are all so thin and tiny! (I'm lookin at you, Julianna)
Predator, raaawwr! He was totally trying to hook up with this chick.
This was just a cool robot... thing.

I am pretty sure this isn't a real character, and something this guy created. It was like Mr Freeze, but with less sucking.

Brandon Routh of Superman fame is tinnyyyy! I'd literally tower over him. He showed off his inner nerd by wearing a Blizzard hat (he's a HUGE WoW fan).
HAAAAAAAAAHAHA! You know those toy crane machines... well this guy made PANTS out of them! I took this picture for dad....
Who ya gonna call? Ghostbust.... aww, no one gives a shit anymore.

These 6 random girls started posing for photos together. I'm 90% sure that some of them were plants - models hired by a studio promoting something - because they were too hot to be ... nevermind, I'm gonna get myself in trouble.

This was just downright evil. At the place we ate at downtown, they had a crane machine, but instead of being filled with cuddly little stuffed animals, it was filled with live lobsters. If you caught one, you could instantly boil it to death in the kitchen and eat it's nearly living flesh.
What I wouldn't give to put one of these things at a PETA meeting and see the hippies spazz out.

The night ended with seeing Kathy Griffin at a big ass theatre downtown. She was AWESOME! We laughed pretty hard, she put on such a great show. If you follow anything with celebs or are sorta liberal, or watch the news, or breathe air, then go see one of her shows. Actually, even if you don't breathe air, you might still enjoy it.