Thursday, July 27, 2006

I made it home!

But it took me forever to update the pics. I know. It was a fun trip! Had a great time going home. Got some good pics. I miss trees!

For the 4th we saw fireworks in Medford, awesome show that lasted almost 30 minutes!

I swear this looks like an ad for the Ridgeline. :)

This is my artsy fartsy shot of the trip, turned out nice. This is a boat dock at Clear Lake. Beautiful area!
Me and the puppy!!! She was mad at me for leaving that day and NOT into posing.

Crazy mom driving the new woodland SUV!

Sahalie Falls. Yes, it really is that pretty.
You can be a complete n00b idiot with a camera there and get awesome photos.
The water was so clear and pretty, there are actually two different wateralls you can see right off the freeway.
The water was so clear and pretty!
I wanted to go rafting off the waterfall, until I realized it's a River of Impending Doom.
Only YOU can prevent forest fires, bitch.
(See, Smokey just needs some modernization and he'll be cool!)
More proof that the goddamn Dr. Scholls won't stop following me! Pa and me!

Volcanic lava fields! Yes, Oregon really does have everything.
Sis and me! Awwww.
D&K's dogs! Banelli and Guiness. Cute!
Mom's describing how wide her booty feels after consuming Mexican food. Don't ask. She's also being followed by a 4th of July Balloon Stalker.
Let us out! Let us out!

Meet the new spokesmodel for Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis!
Aww, Akita is always so mad at me after a bath, but so cute.
Homecooked cookies!
I know, enough with the dog pix already.

The lake by the house is looking nice, the bamboo is pretty.And we close with a nice shot of Mt. Rainier as I flew home. Goodbye clean air and affordable housing!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Cobra Starship -

I love it!! Snakes On A Plane rocks and I'm hooked on this song!

Friday, July 07, 2006

even tho I am kinda sick...

enjoying Oregon. :) Here I am at the lava fields on the way to Sahalie waterfalls. :)

Sunday, July 02, 2006

I'd be crazy without my ipod

traffic in SD is crazy, suddenly everyone wants to visit here! the airport is a nightmare. blegh. Stupid independce day!