Thursday, January 31, 2008

I want one for Christmas

LMAO Can you imagine typing on that thing? hahahaha

Haitian's resort to eating dirt

Sick, sad, and wrong.

We have so much waste generated on a daily basis throughout the US and in other parts of the world humans are having to resort to eating dirt to stay alive.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Kylie Minogue - In My Arms

OMG I totally heart Kylie! She rules! This song rox!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

More peeps!

Wow, everyone is blogging! Crazy!
SD Raph (that sounds like a skin infection... uhm....) ... OK... San Diego Raphael (better!) runs The Insurgent Muse, which it's title graphic has to be seen to be believed.

Sandy has great photos of her many travels at Off The Beaten Path, deff recommend checking it out. She's from Australia so everything she says sounds cool.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New blog in da hizzy

PAIIOW! No, that's not what Britney says every time she runs over someone's foot, it's my friend Ben's new blog! Check it out.

Monday, January 21, 2008

There's a Clover in my Field!

ZOMG what a crazy ass week it's been! Yikes! I'm tired and work has been crazy, plus I've managed to get out and do a ton of fun stuff with a lot of cool peeps...

Wednesday night was SO freaking incredible... Trent took me to the Cloverfield premiere which was AMAZING and we had SO MUCH FUN! I will be eternally grateful to him for taking me, it was such a memorable evening! The celebs were EVERYWHERE - as soon as we got there I saw Michelle Trachtenberg being interviewed by E! Michelle played Dawn on Buffy and I LOVE her!

On our way around the red carpet/press area there were celebs galore, and I almost bumped into Dominic Monaghan from LOST/Lord of the Rings/etc. He's tiny!
Trent and I were sitting 4 rows behind Zachary Quinto (Sylar on Heroes/Spock in the new Star Trek movie) and Chris Pine (James T. Kirk on the new Star Trek), Zoe Saldana (Uhura), John Cho, Michelle T, so many more... while people funneled into the theater it was like playing Spot The Celeb! :)

SO FUN! The move ROCKED! We had a blast.
After the movie, which we both loved, we made our way to the afterparty - which was at Paramount's Stage 16. You had to walk through their New York lot which was lit all cool...
But on the way there were a ton of fire engines. ODD! That wasn't in the plans. lol
The headless Statue of Liberty was really cool!
The had the life size actual head, complete with damage, at the entrance. SO cool!
I stood next to it so you could get an idea of size. ;)The interior was pretty sick... and the music/food was great as well, including an open bar!
Next up the amazing Charlie introduced us to the cast of Cloverfield as well as some of the Star Trek stars. Here I met Chris Pine (and saw Zachary Quinto again, who remembered me from other events! WOO hoo!).

Zachary was kind enough to pose a photo, notice he's missing the Sylar facial hair. ;)I also met John Krasinski who was incredibly nice and agreed to a photo as he was leaving:
Next up I met the very amazing and beautiful... LINDSAY FREAKING LOHAN! Yes, kids, what a way to kick off 2008!
She smells like pretty. She was really nice and freaking gorgeous in person. Her publicist gave the OK for a photo and we were off! She chilled out the whole night (didn't drink, looked healthy and great!) and was great to talk to.

There was a total range of peeps there, including Ron Jeremy:
Who liked the Slushees they had.
I also had the chance to chat with Heidi and Spencer from The Hills for awhile, who were really nice in person - nothing like on tv!
Then I met TJ Caplan (Hud) and Lizzy Caplan (Marlena), they were great to talk to and were very down to earth. I think Marlena was my fav character in the film. I unfortunately decided to blink at the wrong time... oh well!
Trent was nice enough to introduce me to Michelle Trachtenberg who was so hot and funny in person, LOVE HER!
Great times.
I also met Jessica Lucas (Lily) who was insanely pretty in person:
Yeah, she's FIERCE. :)

I met Kevin Weisman who played Marshall on Alias, another JJ Abrams show that I loved...
He was pretty cool.
Trent also introduced me to Lauren Conrad and Audrina from The Hills, who were not only hot but really fun to talk to.

WHEW! Celeb overload or what? There were tons of others there that I missed, just not enough time in one night! ;) Most of the cast of Heroes seemed to be there (but no Milo or Hayden, boo).

Last but not least I met Scott Speedman (who was hanging with Seth Meyers from SNL) and he was really nice and funny. When I asked for a photo he said "DAMN! You are TALL!" and stood on his tip toes so he'd look taller next to me. LMAOHe also said he's not in the 3rd Underwold movie... BOO! I told him I was going to boycott it. :) He rocks!

All good things must come to end (and I had to get my booty to work for a 13 hour day Thursday), so Trent and I got a photo at the end:
I had an amazing time and I'm so grateful to him for giving me such an amazing experience! I can still smell the Lohan on me... hawwwttt.

The partying started back up on Friday when I met T & a ton of his friends to see Cloverfield a 2nd time (YES it's that good!). We ran into Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails and I grabbed Reznor as he was leaving to get a photo with Trent, as he's a HUGE fan (even has 2 NIN tatoos!).
You never know who you'll see in LA! :)
After we went to Jordan's place for a fun party in the Hollywood Hills. The house was amazing and you could see everything... the nearest neighbors were Courtney Cox and down the road was Leo DiCaprio and Tobey Mcguire. OMG! OMG! I know.

Even the pool was sick.
Trent rocks the Pabst Blue Ribbon... Detroit style ya'll.
The whole gang! Jordan's mom put up with our crazy antics.
Went to the club for a bit after, and Paul and Corey and I hammed it up for the cameras... Corey always pulls off the FIERCE look so well. :D
So fun!
After some sleep (and getting up at noon) I went down to Irvine for my great friend Jeff's birthday, organized by his hawt wife Jennie (call me baby!).
Poor Jeff was the butt of a lot of jokes. :)
Aliah and Gabriel, my cousins with the mostest, showed up and Gabe contemplated important issues while Aliah and I drank lots of margaritas...
Yeah, you know how we DO.


JJ and I tried to pose for a nice photo, which is basically impossible:
That's Hot.

I title this one The Player And The Tongue:
After grossing everyone out we did a nice photo:
See, it can happen!
OK after that ridiculousness, here's some hot chicks:
See, I balance things out!

There were kids present, so somehow I managed to not destroy their minds:
Yeah, don't ask me how.
Someone (who's name rhymes with Clarion) ordered a "Georgia Peach" drink which was about as fruity as it gets. LOL
Jeff liked it.
Aliah dug it too... it's all about the peach ya'll!
JJ and I decided to have a lil birthday sippy sippy:
And there was much throwing up. (sorry gang)
Here's a blurry Myspace Shock/Conteplative shot for ya:
Eric-2 looked at Ben's food and almost lost a finger:
Don't touch the man's cheesecake, ok?
I think Jenn took this photo as I have no idea what's going on, but Eric-1 and Raphael seem disturbed.
Maybe they saw the Georgia Peach action at the other end of the table.

Aww! Cuz's in the house!I think everyone had fun! :)
Yomal and his very pretty date hung in there amidst the insanity - Yomal introduced me to her as "Darion, the guy who met Lindsay Lohan". Yeah, I'm famous ya'll.
There was something really funny behind this ZERO and I don't remember it. So I'll make something up.
"Darion, this is how many times we read your blog. HAHA"

The whole gang! It was great seeing my SD crew and hanging with them. They saw Cloverfield and liked it, I saw Aliens VS Predator: Requiem which was so shittily written I actually laughed out loud during some parts. Ouch.

That night of course I needed to party more soooo.... out I went! Jordan and I hit up a few clubs (after being turned away at Hyde due to overcrowding - BOO!). I ran into my old trainer James:
Congrats on the Equinox gig yo!
Jordan and I had a lot of fun and it was a great way to end an action packed day!
Sunday I met up with the gang again:
And went out after... fun! Most of the pics I look too crazy in to post ... so there ya go!
And Monday I met up with Julie Miss Flava, Domo Arigato Vince (good luck in Japan!), Angela "Hotter den U", and Julie's supercool friend Sandy for dinner. Sandy was visiting from Australia and we instantly became BFF's - what's with all these awesome people from Australia? After Kirsten, Leisa, and now Sandy... I gotta visit there!!!
It was great to see everyone! I heart them all.
Afterwards Trent, Kirst, Matt and his friend Hannah came over to watch a movie. Matt gave me the coolest gift...
My very own super Extendo-Arm! Yes, so now I can probably fit like 50 people in an Extendo-Arm shot! WOO!

It was really fun hanging with them and finally meeting Hannah (who lived up to all the hype Matt's been telling me!). I have the best friends!

I'm off to bed and to a really bizzy ass week at work, and tomorrow night I'm seeing The Color Purple downtown with Trent... woo! Should be fun.

(Or as my SD crew now calls me... "HOLLYWOOD")! lol