Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Passion Of The Chr... ehr, Darion

Had a great Halloween party last night... was a lot of fun. The theme was to come as your favorite fairy tale character. So, naturally, after much thought, I came as my favorite....

J.C.! Oh ME.

The party was pretty crazy....

Fact: All girls go crazy when they play Tiffany.

Fact: All girls love JC.

Anytime you can make mixed booze bubble over, I think it's a good thing.The 2nd little pig, Rumplestilskin, and renassiance guy!

Unfortunately, I did get into a bit of a tussle with a she-devil... It wasn't pretty. She SO started it!

Why is everyone always picking on ME?

Not the holy jewels!

A beer bottle? Now that's just WRONG! It's not even a domestic!

It's OK, tho, we later made up after we agreed most everyone is going down to the underworld anyways.

This isn't ME! I so was not "trying to see what all the fuss was about"!

Wolfman busted a move in the kitchen!

Naughty JC and the wolfman!

Evil comes in many forms!

Dorothy, Cinderella, and Lady Goddiva are actually all best friends! Who knew.

I did get a chance to ordain a few priests.... it r0xx0red.
This nice lady was looking for a small girl to have for dinner... so sweet.
Dude looks like a lady!

Warning: OFFENSIVE material ahead!

J C! Oh ME! That's just not right.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Nerdcon... ehr, Blizzcon!

Friday I went up to Irvine to go to Blizzcon because E got me & D passes. It was a lot of fun!

... And it was extremely crowded. There were so many damn people everywhere. They sold out of tickets for the show, and there were a lot of lines everywhere.

The line for the Blizzard Store was crazy all day long - hundreds of people deep and usually an hour wait or more to buy stuff. I'm pretty sure Mike Mendheim (head of Blizz) was taking breaks from the show to go bath in a swimming pool filled with CASH.

... And lines were everywhere. It was amazing to see the range of people WoW attracts. There were of course uber nerds, little kids, FEMALES, couples in their 50's, fathers and sons, housewives, etc.
The show goes on for two days, but one day was enough for me. We played a new build of Starcraft: Ghost, it was pretty fun! The game is slightly redeemed for me. I might even buy it even tho it's coming out next year and they aren't doing a 360 version. :( The WoW expansion pack was cool to check out also.

There were lots of fans dressed up...

Oh yeah, there were hot chicks who were fans....

And hot chicks who were paid models. You could kinda tell the difference.

The models smelled of FEAR.

I did get my baby murloc & WoW expansion pack beta test code. There were of course protesters...

in closing, FREE THE MURLOCS!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

What Shenanigans!

Saw Waiting... tonight. Pretty funny movie. Very low budget indie comedy, but pretty funny - in the vein of an American Pie/40 Year Old Virigin type of movie. It's pretty raunchy - which yes, does equal funny. I definitely enjoyed it, lots of laughs. Ryan Reynolds is freakin' hilarious in it. Definitely worth a netflix.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Rockin' the improv!

Went to Drew Carey tonight at Pala Casino.
They were hilarious! What a great show. A lot of excellent people from the tv show were there, including Kathy Kinney (Mimi), Ryan Stiles, and a bunch of other people I can't remember.
They took all sorts of suggestions and tips from the audience and used them in various ways, it was so funny. They did a bunch of sketches where they made up songs that were actually pretty damn good.

Unfortunately none of us were picked from the audience - we would have been a lot better then some of the people they got.

Overall score

Pluses: Saw Drew and the improv cast, had a great time, laughed alot.

Minuses: Lost $40 at blackjack. Damn you Gambling, thou art a harsh mistress.

Happy Birthday, Jen

You pack a lot of punch into that pint sized frame! :) Say that 3 times really fast.

The bro in-law of Jenn dropped by for dinner. His new gf had to deal with meeting us all there... whew, it had to be rough. We all feasted at Bucca Di Beppo. It was great!

Good photo!

Jeff, stop taking pics of me for your blog... you know how I hate papparazzi in my face all the time!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

It's time for a par-tay

B finally had a housewarming party for his condo Saturday - buying property in California is always a great reason to party.

Much fun was had, as you can tell from the pictures.

Some people just don't like the papparazzi.
Miss J in da hizzouse!
While this picture was taken, we were discussing the evolution of the modern human genetic pattern and it's effect on the Earth's rotation. And, whether or not Paris is a complete whore, or just a slight whore.

Half the people there were ex 3DO - how crazy is that? Shout out to A!

Pic of JJ taking pics for his blog... LOL!
Rumour has it JJ has a pic of me "Doing a Kate Moss" in the kitchen.... but I'm sure that's unfounded.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Oh, well that changes everything....

We've all been wrong about that war in Iraq, apparently Bush says that GOD has been telling him to do the war. Gee, I had no idea. Invade away, comrade!!!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Andy Dick rules!

This skit is the best EVER! So damn funny. Not sure what it's from, but it's about Bush's speech writer. Whether you love or hate Bush, it's great. :)

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Poker again...

Ahhh Texas Hold Em. Thou art a cruel mistress! Lost money tonight... Everybody sux. :D played at Z & Z's place, won the first hand big, and lost EVERY damn hand after.

Le sigh.