Saturday, October 29, 2005

Nerdcon... ehr, Blizzcon!

Friday I went up to Irvine to go to Blizzcon because E got me & D passes. It was a lot of fun!

... And it was extremely crowded. There were so many damn people everywhere. They sold out of tickets for the show, and there were a lot of lines everywhere.

The line for the Blizzard Store was crazy all day long - hundreds of people deep and usually an hour wait or more to buy stuff. I'm pretty sure Mike Mendheim (head of Blizz) was taking breaks from the show to go bath in a swimming pool filled with CASH.

... And lines were everywhere. It was amazing to see the range of people WoW attracts. There were of course uber nerds, little kids, FEMALES, couples in their 50's, fathers and sons, housewives, etc.
The show goes on for two days, but one day was enough for me. We played a new build of Starcraft: Ghost, it was pretty fun! The game is slightly redeemed for me. I might even buy it even tho it's coming out next year and they aren't doing a 360 version. :( The WoW expansion pack was cool to check out also.

There were lots of fans dressed up...

Oh yeah, there were hot chicks who were fans....

And hot chicks who were paid models. You could kinda tell the difference.

The models smelled of FEAR.

I did get my baby murloc & WoW expansion pack beta test code. There were of course protesters...

in closing, FREE THE MURLOCS!

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