Sunday, October 29, 2006

Monster TOO Massive!

I went to Monster Massive last night with Cheryl & Lara... we had a blast! It was a ton of fun, even though traffic/parking was a nightmare - but then what do you expect when 20,000 people try to cram into the sports arena? LA once again proved it's the place for big parties, it's definitely taking some getting used to. It was a great night though and pretty amazing to see a sea of people moving to the music. The crowd was pretty cool overall.

There was such a crazy mess of people it was so crazy.... but very cool at the same time. Paul Van Dyk spun really well but Armin Van Buuren was my fav of the night.
The lights & sound system were fantastic!
You could go on the main dancefloor, up in the seating areas, or 3 other music areas outside. It was super packed everywhere.
Jesus & his hot chicks! ;)

JC in da hizzouse!
Everyone was pretty fun for the most part, and of course people wanted photos or blessings with JC. ;)
Awesome lights! Constantly moving on the sea of people.
Too... massive.... too..... many.......
Work it schoolgirl! ;)
Of course Lara found the one tree in the whole place. ;) Looking very majestic!
"Stay in bible school, my disciple!"
I had to bless a lot of people. ;)
Outside = nice and cool. Inside = warm and hot!

We happened upon a captain and a stewardess! What are the odds?
Yes, my beard got itchy. lol
Crazyness from the middle of the crowd.
Superman and a.... whatever the heck she is groove it on the trashy ground! Yeah! :P

Only around a 3rd of people dressed up for the event... :( But the costumes were diverse. Here's a good example - a doctor, an angel, and a jester.... yeah. lol

Here's a fun shot of the 3 of us....
I'm now officially the master of the extendo-arm camera shot!
Going once....
Going twice....
Behold the view from in the sea of people! It was so packed you had to wade through people everywhere.... insane.

This picture looks like the aliens are picking up people from the crowd. :) Crazy!

And with that, I leave you with this picture:
.... Yeah. :) Happy Halloween everyone!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Is so beautiful. A bit different then LA. ;)

Monday, October 09, 2006


Mom and Dad's new puppy is adorable! Her name is Bast and she's only 3 and a half months... she's gonna be HUGE!
After nearly 4000 photos with my Canon SD500, I upgraded to a Canon SD800IS today. Image stabilization, 2.5" LCD, tons of nice features. I love Oregon's lack of sales tax. ;)

A great goodbye, part 1

Blogger is having issues with all these photos in one post, so here's the dinner-non bar part of the night. :) Jenn made a cake that literally weighed more then she did. Thanks Jenn, you rock! The cake was delicious and better then most any chocolate cake I've had at any restaraunt. And, it literally weighed like 80 pounds. :)

I think I was literally in a different zip code. Hi, cake! (48 eggs, btw)

It tastes like YUM!

"Huh, what? A shot? Nawww I'm good."

"Oh gawwwdd! Guruarshgagsdlkgasjdglasdkf"

It tastes like burning! ... with a little battery acid for spice.

P.S. Josh, does that shirt glow in the dark?


Uh ohz!

The cake icing alone was strong enough to weight the fork down. :D
It's just too much! I don't know what to do!
Cutting it was literally a tricep workout.
1 slice = 6 eggs, 3 sticks of butter, 1 cup of cream. ;) lol

A great goodbye, part 2

Saturday we had a going away dinner at El Callejon to celebrate my venture forth into Hell-ay. I know I haven't been blogging much, but with the interviewing, landing the new job, and getting ready to move... my life has been couch-jumping Cruiseazy! Saturday was a blast and I feel truly blessed to have so many great friends.
Of course, after seeing the pictures, you will probably assume we all have the same best friend... Mr. Boozer McLush.

I don't know what Jeff is doing to Eve here, but he does seem to be enjoying himself. Raph looks sorta stalkerish in the background there...


I was surrounded by beautiful ladies! (Yes, Jenn was 2 feet taller then normal that night)

Even Jeff tried to get a little DL!

The finger was quite popular. Eve's crazy extendo-arm came in super handy.

We had shots people. Shots. I really don't even have to explain myself. And no, Tina isn't making that face due to a fart.
Uhm, I take the fifth.
Take it easy Adrian! Keep those crazy R* peeps in check!
Lights! Camera! DRUNK!
Josh, Tina, and me 30 seconds before puking.

I saw those bunny ears coming a mile away! Wil was not amused... fortunately the hand was able to be re-attached later in surgery.

Ferd's theory on relativity and the modernazitation process of humans was very interesting, but what I found most discombobulating was his thoughts on Lindsay Lohan's boobs - real or fake.
Jeff was saying something funny here... I'm pretty sure.

"Hand me the beer or the little one gets it!"
"Wait, so, you are saying we want to knock the balls into the pockets? Isn't that repetitive?"
"I squish you like a little bug."
PSSST! Don't tell Jeff!
Don't ask, please, my therapist says it's best to forget.
I think those are chalk dust bubbles. That, or someone's nose candy was in the air... you never know.
Is this thing on?
"You see kids, being tall does not = being good at pool!"

"Sweet nothings!"
Farting on someone = funny
Trying too hard and making an 'accident' = even funnier ;)
"My precioussssss"