Monday, October 09, 2006

A great goodbye, part 2

Saturday we had a going away dinner at El Callejon to celebrate my venture forth into Hell-ay. I know I haven't been blogging much, but with the interviewing, landing the new job, and getting ready to move... my life has been couch-jumping Cruiseazy! Saturday was a blast and I feel truly blessed to have so many great friends.
Of course, after seeing the pictures, you will probably assume we all have the same best friend... Mr. Boozer McLush.

I don't know what Jeff is doing to Eve here, but he does seem to be enjoying himself. Raph looks sorta stalkerish in the background there...


I was surrounded by beautiful ladies! (Yes, Jenn was 2 feet taller then normal that night)

Even Jeff tried to get a little DL!

The finger was quite popular. Eve's crazy extendo-arm came in super handy.

We had shots people. Shots. I really don't even have to explain myself. And no, Tina isn't making that face due to a fart.
Uhm, I take the fifth.
Take it easy Adrian! Keep those crazy R* peeps in check!
Lights! Camera! DRUNK!
Josh, Tina, and me 30 seconds before puking.

I saw those bunny ears coming a mile away! Wil was not amused... fortunately the hand was able to be re-attached later in surgery.

Ferd's theory on relativity and the modernazitation process of humans was very interesting, but what I found most discombobulating was his thoughts on Lindsay Lohan's boobs - real or fake.
Jeff was saying something funny here... I'm pretty sure.

"Hand me the beer or the little one gets it!"
"Wait, so, you are saying we want to knock the balls into the pockets? Isn't that repetitive?"
"I squish you like a little bug."
PSSST! Don't tell Jeff!
Don't ask, please, my therapist says it's best to forget.
I think those are chalk dust bubbles. That, or someone's nose candy was in the air... you never know.
Is this thing on?
"You see kids, being tall does not = being good at pool!"

"Sweet nothings!"
Farting on someone = funny
Trying too hard and making an 'accident' = even funnier ;)
"My precioussssss"

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