Sunday, October 21, 2007

Will Walk For Charity

What a week! Work was busy, I got a cold, and walked for charity! It was fun... let's start off with some fun pics:
Vince organized a night out at the movies with a ton of fun people - we saw the re-release of Blade Runner! Julie Miss Flava, Loveable Kirsten, "Nice Shoes, Roomba" Angela, Robb and Tanya, David and Kathy, and Dao came out! It was a lot of fun. The Landmark is one of the best theaters around!
I had to get a special pic with my homegirl Dao since I missed taking a pic at my party over the weekend. :) Thursday night I was not drunk, so, I remembered. *
*Whenever I say drunk, I mean reading the bible.

Friday David came up and we went to see Elizabeth: The Golden Age with my short film BFF's Marc and Erin (Who was doing her best Elizabeth-serious-face in this photo):
It was such a great movie! The best part of the evening was when we were at dinner (Kate Mantilini's on Wilshire) and were laughing really hard - and the old couple behind us banged on the wooden divider and told us to be quiet!! LOL! I was like "Seriously? It's a restaurant people, come ON!". They got pretty loud later in the dinner, so we made molotov cocktails and ... wait, Lawyer said not to talk about this.

Ahem... Saturday I met up with Trent and Kirst for a comedy night (Un-Cabaret) at M Bar in Hollywood for an evening of laughs, featuring Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe on 24). It was a fun night, great seeing T & K but it was less standup comedy and more actors telling various stories of the biz.
The famed Extendo-Arm got it's use again:
And there was much rejoicing.

Sunday morn I got my booty outta bed at 7am (Hell hath freezen over), and went out to do some good - I participated in the AIDS Walk Los Angeles! It was as an AMAZING experience and I am so glad I participated in it.
Did I mention a few hundred thousand of my closest friends attended? :)
And of course, BFF's Angela and Matt came out and did the walk with me, and raised a bunch of money too!

Unfortch Ang couldn't hold it and had to use a porta potty:
She didn't like it. Notsomuch.

I got hungry after about a block of walking and attacked a donut shop:
Mmmmh, jelly filled.
Matt and I found an awesome sign, and decided to call it:
ROCK! It totally worked. Altho it was a *little* awkward when Angela picked up her phone.
We still hooked up tho.

Did I mention there was a lot of people there?
Uh huh. To cope with it, Ang performed yoga in the park:
Which really consisted of her standing still and occasionally taking a drink from "Mr. Happy Flask".

I got sleepy and took a nap:
Mr. Happy Flask is to blame for it ALL.

Along the way there was ALL kinds of food and entertainment - live bands, moving bands, free water/gatorade/bananas/etc., even ice cream sandwiches at one point!
The walk was 6.2 miles, and I think it's possible to gain weight on it. ;)

Walking by Beverly Center!
This girl was drumming up a storm, which was pretty funny.
Along the way they had people cheering for you, which was fun/funny - all the kids would yell "YEAH! KEEP GOING! YOU ROCK!" etc etc as you walked by. It was pretty entertaining.

They blocked off a good portion of LA, it was pretty crazy - nonstop stream of people!

On the way back, Angela spotted a nice little stream of bottles:
Unable to resist her temptation, she stopped and grabbed as many as she could:

"LOOK! This one has some kinda strange liquid in it! SWEET!"

At first I read this sign, and thought it said "Ladies Student Union", cuz those girls were screaming LOUD!
Then I realized it said "Latino Student Union", which made me feel very non-racist for jumping to that conclusion. Only sexist. WOO!

Ang and Matt had a hard time keeping up with "all the damn people walking so fast" and took a break on the curb:
Walking is tough, people!

Some people were handing out condoms, which Angela happily grabbed:
We had to slowly explain to her what they were, and that you don't in fact keep them in your mouth. Virgins are so funny. I heart her innocence... ahh, to be 17 again.

Just to be cute, I gave her ear a lil nibble on the way back:
The awesome part was that we freaked people out who were walking by us. Mission: ACCOMPLISHED!
Angela found two people to pose with, and was jealous of "The tall clown lady with sexy legs".

Slightly jealous of her hogging the camera, I found someone to take a photo with:
HAL SPARKS! An insanely talented actor and comedian (he's on VH1's shows all the time, and did Talk Soup for years), I randomly ran into him on the way out. I heart LA! His girlfriend was very nice and offered to take the photo so I didn't overuse my Extendo-Arm powers.

Declaring a truce, we decided to do Stalker Eyes (TM): AIDS WALK LOS ANGELES 2007 STYLE!

D: "GRRR I will stalk you the whole race! RAWR!"
A: "Tee-hee I feel pretty!"
D: IN THE SKY! Is that a bird? Plane? My Extendo-Arm?
A: I keep staring, but I all I see is nerd. AAAAGH it burnnsssssss......

I know, ouch, right? Angela made it up to me by tripping Faith Ford and slowing her down enough to get a photo with me - friends are the best!

Faith rocks! She was sooo nice! She co-sponsored the event and helped put it together. A bunch of celebs were there to support the event.

Did I mention there were a lot of people there?

And oh yeah, the cops were hella bored. :) Most peaceful, nice crowd ever! Everyone was so cool.

We finally made it to the end, and Ang and Matt skipped their way through the finish line:
I threw up in my mouth a little.

I did the Rocky run over the finish line:
"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh" with Spirit Fingers....

I had an amazing day and thank you SO MUCH to all my incredible friends and family who contributed to my walk. I raised an astounding $830 (!!!!!) for the event and I couldn't be prouder. Thanks to everyone for being so generous and donating to such a great cause. YOU ROCK! I heart you all.

Just because my weekend wasn't crazy enough, and because I always drag Kirsten to hang out with the guys on testosterone filled nights, we switched it up for some estrogen and met up with Ang (God, I never see her anymore) and my Toluca Twins/BFF's Heather and Nancy!

We saw The Brave One, which was pretty meh. Jodie Foster was all strong-angry-killer-woman in it and it had some pretty unintentionally funny moments.

We Pinkberry De-Virginized H&N later that night, and from what I understand they are now fans! They even posed with Meryl "Big head" Streep!

Nancy got so sloshed off the Pinkberry she started doing a dance and cheer poses:
Much to our delight.

She then decided to do "The most amazing thing you've ever seen":

Whoaaaaaaaaaaa! I heart gymnast acrobat writers!
Kirst and I were a little scared by them:And things got weird.
Yeah, I know, crazy attracts crazy... what can I say?
I'm blessed with such cool peeps! It's back to work and another busy arse week - but who knows what Halloween Weekend shall hold... :)

Peace out!

Monday, October 15, 2007

I've lived here a year - and haven't been shanked!

What a week! I was once again crazy busy with work, and didn't make it out much, but did manage to have an awesome weekend.

Last Monday I made it out to wish homegirls Lara and Juli a very happy 29th birthday(s)!
How cute are they! They celebrated @ a Mexican restaurant followed by some drinks at The Other Room in Venice...

LK and I grabbed a drink and began to witness the crazyness ensue....
Which involved Lara challenging everyone to an arm wrestling match!
... Which she won. :D
Homegirl's strong!
Happy Birthday Lala!!!!

And Happy Birthday Juli!!

Once I survived the week (barely) I made it out to The Pantages in Hollywood where I had organized a huge Wicked trip and quickly Wicked-de-virginized 10 of my closest friends...
It's my 3rd (!!) time seeing Wicked and I have to say it was just as good as the last time. Edin Espinosa and Megan Hilty are freaking insanely talented actress/singers. It's SUCH a great show. I'll probably have to see it again next year. :)

So I wanted to get a group shot and was quickly challenged by everyone to do one of my famous EXTENDO-ARM self-pics... I was skeptical... but...

I took it and there was room for like 12 more people! WTF! I seriously need to hire myself out for this shizz. I'm ready for some Guiness record-breaking, people!
Stalker Eyes (TM) compatriot Angela, Oregon Homegirl Jules, Hercules Vince, me and LK!
My SD crew in the hizzy! Benja, JJ (who was rockin a Crazy Jeff (TM) new hairstyle), Lil Jenn (not a rapper), and Raphael!

Cameron came out to see it a 2nd time - you see, this Wicked stuff is addicting! It's like a legal and yet expensive drug!

The SD crew had a long drive home, but we braved the horrid LA traffic (it rained) and made it over to The Standard for their dee-lish 24 hour cafe...
Kiki brought her favorite Chihuahua photo album. Don't ask. It's an aussie thing.
This really rude scruffy white guy sat next to us. We asked him to leave and he flipped us off! :O
Luckily a nice blonde guy and cute Asian girl also sat down and didn't stop smiling... it was creepy.

What's a Wicked evening without chocolate fondue?
Or Nutella?
OK, I dunno WTF I'm doing here, let's just say the Nutella had it coming... wearing that dress... slutty Nutella!

Ben got a crazy blue drink that looked like bathtub cleaner. I was ready to call 911.

I could explain this, but really, you DON'T want to know. Jenn's a dirty girl. ;)"ZOMG! Jenn! We are eating here! SERIOUSLY!"
JJ, on the other hand, didn't let a drop of chocolate go to waste!
Dr. Evil actually stole his decorating scheme from The Standard. True story.
Raph is such a playah.
No, seriously, like 12 girls mobbed him after he sat down.

Hi LK! See, I can take nice photos! Really!
Hey Pretty Jenn! :)

So it was raining like mad, and we ran out to the valet to wait under a tiny umbrella. It was like being back home in Oregon, only surrounded by anorexic models and cars driving crazy since water on the road = drive batshit crazy.
"There's no place like home! There's no place like home!"

On Saturday was my 1-year anniversary of living in LA, so I decided to meet a bunch of friends for a party! We had dinner at Palermo Italian in Los Feliz which was soso food but great company.
They also have a girl holding a double barreled shotgun on their menu, which is really just so full of AWESOME.
I think Raphael looks sooo angry here. :) The fake flowers got to him. :)

My new BFF's Dan and Sarah came out to dinner and were great company, they are such a fun couple!
LK, Matt, and Raph held their own! After it was off to Akbar for drinks, dancing, and lots of crazyness (you are shocked, I'm sure!):
My short film BFF's Marc and Erin came out, it was great to see them as it had been awhile... Julie, Angela, and Vince broke their curfew and came out in full force to par-tay - after all, it had been like 16 hours since I had seen them last and I was starting to get teary! :D
"And here's where it all started!" my Oregon Homegirl Jules!

OK, that pic is too nice. How about something CRUISEAZY! ZOMG!
Don't say I didn't warn you.
I love that this pic looks like a freaky man giant took it - nope, just my arm. Heh.

So Angela and Matt stole my camera, and had their own impromptu photog spree... and the results are so damn funny.
Matt enjoys the fine art on the walls at Akbar.
Matt then tried to take me on for self-pics - dude, back off! That's my territory! :P
And they took photos of their shoes...

And Paul's head....

And they got random girls to kiss Matt... LOL!
And Angela recreated her user photo:HAWT! I'm logging in right now baby!
Matt then performed some dance moves with his imaginary dancing partner Esmerelda Of The Diamond Dancing Clan:
And I think they won some form of award.

OK, I got my camera back, and posed with Erin and Marc:
When's the next short film, guys? ;)
Jesse came out and I think may be flashing a gang sign here:
But it's cool, I was packing my .357 so we were covered.
Hi LK!
Matt forced his booty onto Ang and Kirst - and they liked it! I think he made like $30!
AND got some boob.
Matt: This drink ish ... ish ... soshsh... sooo not alcaholiccey.... (hic) serioushly guysh.....
Angela: One drunk down, 15 to go!
This photo is cute except for freaky red shirt stary guy in the background. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE ANG!

Paul and LK!

My supercool friend Dao also came over with two of her cool friends, and I neglected to get a photo with her - a few drinks and I forget my mad camera skillz, sad I know! :( Thanks for coming Dao! :)

Next we made it out to the dancefloor to boogie to some hot 80's tunes:Vince and Julie brought out their mad dancing skillz!

Julie seriously rocked the dancefloor, so much that she deserves a new nickname for this post:
Julie Miss Flava!
She rocked the hizzy!
And we totally grinded up on each other! Vince got angry but I gave him $20 and we were cool again. Money rocks!
Kirst and Paul boogied down and set the standard pretty high...
Ang and Matt did this waltz slow dance that was cute and sorta odd. But it worked somehow!
"Uh oh! Spaghetti-O!"

I ran into some bloodied up people who were looking for "braaainnsss...."
We hung out, they were my peeps!
I love how Spirit Fingers make every photo better. I should work for Kodak.

On Sunday LK needed new stuff for her house, so she called up her entourage and we went to Ikea - cuz we literally have to do everything as a group. All or nothing, kids!
Ikea, land of the free!
Are we $799? Bargain!
They had this weird ass machine that kept slamming this poor chair with it's wooden booty... over and over again...
See what I mean? Creepy. I named it Paris - I dunno, it just felt fitting. Work it out for yourself. :)

They had these cool bookshelves with a ladder, altho if you are really tall....
Ladders are pretty pointless.

Kirsten and I got sleepy so we decided to take a nap in the middle of the trip:
And much spooning ensued. LOL

Angela got sleepy too:
But wasn't too tired to pose!
Julie and Vince have all these strange rituals now that they are married:
And it often involves measuring each other's heads. I think they are having a brain off to see who's smarter - or who gets to wear the cooler hat.
I think Raphael was scared. ;)

We sat down at the table and waited for food for over 30 minutes, and the waiter never came - I'm never eating in Home Furnishings again!

So it was a pretty awesome weekend filled with lots of fun times and great friends - yay! It's gonna be a crazy busy week, so I'm looking forward to... well, not sleeping. ;)