Sunday, October 07, 2007

TGIF - oh shizz, it's Monday...

OY! What a crazy week it was last week - but unfortch not fun stuff, mostly work. :( BOO! But I did manage to have a fun weekend - starting out with a housewarming party at Mike's amazing new condo

Dan and his fiance Sarah - he just proposed in Vegas recently! Congrats guys!Dan and I are playahs.
Actually, I guess Dan is no longer - sorry bro!

Jamie & Russell brought a pinata, which Mike took out a lot of anger on. Poor thing got trashed. He kept calling it "Principal Kathryn" which was kinda odd - but we forgot when his massive foot stomp unlocked a treasure trove of goodies:
Trent dive bombed to the floor and hoarded all the curly straws - damn you!

I'm 90% sure T grabbed some boob right before this pic was taken.
Note: everyone wore nametags! Trent was "Britney's Enabler", Kirsten was "Kiki Minogue", and I was, of course, "Minister D-Lo".

On Saturday my supercallifragillisticexpyallydocious Aunt and Uncle Karen & David came up to see Wicked and see my apartment, where we met Mike and Matt for dinner at my fav dinner joint - C&O Trattoria!

Unfortch Karen hit on a tranny hooker (it's in Venice, you see) and got handcuffed to a parking meter! Silly Karen!
Luckily I carry a pair of bolt cutters in my car in case just such an occasion happens, and we escaped.
We ate a lot. Stupid killer garlic rolls.
Mike & Matt posing - I kinda wish I was tilting my head to the left, the pic would be 30% more awesome!
They call them killer garlic rolls for a reason, people.
Gabriel looks all smug - probably because he's married to Aliah. (Awwwwww)
You know how much the state of California pays to take care of someone like that?
I am getting hungry looking at the pasta.... yum!
Every hour or two they stop everything at C&O and everyone comes out to clink glasses as you sing "That's Amore" at the top of your lungs. Aliah found the spoon and promptly belted out a song...
And then Matt showed us all up - he used to work in the canals in Vegas singing! SHOWOFF! :P
After eating 20 pounds of KGR's, we got a few photos outside. Those tranny hookers take the best photos!

My friends rule!
My family rules!
*Editor's note: They are checking out the tranny hooker parade on the streetwalk...*
Awww I love my GoA!

Sunday I was exhausted, but managed to escape to meet up with the gang for dinner (read: booze) at Baja Cantina - luckily we all dressed the same:
If it wasn't for texting, we would have all worn different stuff - AWKWARD!

My fellow professional mover Hercules AKA Vince (we helped Kirst move on Saturday) and Oregon Homegirl Julie waved their new iPod Nano in front of my face at dinner, which I promptly grabbed and then licked - but they still took it back. :(
And my crazy extendo arms wins again. My fav part of this pic is my lil armpit gnome - ehrrr I mean Angela. ;) Love you Ang!

Ugh, another busy arse week. Peace out!

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