Monday, February 19, 2007

A great SoCal weekend

So I had a great weekend... relaxed Friday since work has been so crazy busy, then on Saturday I headed down to SD to hang with my peeps.... Happy Birthday C-Brei!!!

We went to On Broadway, which was a blast. It's a bank that was built in the 1920's in downtown SD, and converted into a club. George Acosta was spinning and it was a fun show! Lots of dancing. :)

L & C rockin' the dancefloor!
Me & C on the dancefloor.... SHHHH don't tell your husband, baby!Me & L on the dancefloor.... shhhh, don't tell your husband, hottie!
J, me, and A - guess who thought it was too loud? Audio geek! :D
Romance on the dancefloor.... GET A ROOM!
Busy club. Smokey air. Loud music. Hoochey gogo dancers; Priceless. Mastercard!
I told you they were hoochey.
"Like, my name is, like, Kandi, with a K and an I. I like water. ... water doesn't make you fat, does it? Tee-hee."
WAASSSSUPPP - or insert another less dated "HEY!" caption.
"She wants me."
Note: I swear, I did not take this picture. I think she's covering her mouth trying not to laugh - or throw up that water she just ate. Old habits....
Happy Birthday C-Brei (formerly C-Bo)!
The LA gang kicking it in SD....
My friend W! We used to work together back in SD, he moved to SF, I moved to LA, then we ended up being at the same club the same night... small world! :) Too funny.
So a great weekend, not much sleep, but lots of good times. I need a nap now.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

So I'm in line at the Marina del Rey....

car wash, and boy do I feel poor. BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar.... and there's my poor little, boat rudder-scarred American made Jeep. Oy. i feel like a lamer. :P
Stupid rich people!
.... OOH! A Jetta! A fellow normal person.... yay!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Keane on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Here's a good example of Keane's music and how they sound Live. Although I think they were more comfortable and sounded better at The Wiltern...

I Love Keane!

So Lily Allen on Monday was awesome. She put on a great show and D and I had a blast. Her voice was really great live, much better then I expected. She's got a great vocal range. Her songs are pretty funny. Check out her website.
I saw Keane a week before, they came up to play at The Wiltern, a great old theater in Hollywood. The acoustics are awesome there. The show was one of my favorites, they were incredible live and created amazing sounds with just the 3 of them.

On the way way there, stopped by Michael Jackson's favorite restaurant in all of LA:

LOL!! That's right, PARK IN REAR at YOUNG DONG. You know it, Mr. Jackson. LOLOL

The Wiltern was so pretty! I had to get tix off Craigslist due to missing the original sale date. LA is awesome because everyone plays there, but I swear every concert sells out in like 10 minutes.
Seats up in the mezzanine actually gave a great view.
Stars in the ceiling!
I don't know what's wrong with this photo. I don't know what I'm looking at. I don't know what expression this is. It's not like, overtly bad, but it's really just... ODD.
The blue lights starting out was really cool, with both of them on pianos. The keyboardist guy on the right was amazing, he was usually playing two at once and doing multiple sounds; there were no guitarists, he did everything. It sounded like an orchestra.
Lots of cool lights. They played most of the songs from their last album and many from their first one.
The lead singers vocals are incredible live, what a voice! He sounded as good as the album.
They really rocked the crowd, who was SUPER into them. Standing ovation for much of the concert.
The lead singer was brave enough to get down in the crowd twice and sing 'amongst the people', causing many freakouts. :)
The end. Sniff. They were AWESOME! Check them out!

F***ed cars, A New Beginning

So one of the cool things about the neighborhood I live in... get ready to be jealous... I have a great view of a surfboard maker, cabinet maker (the fumes ROCK), and a towing company right outside my window. I know, I know. Be envious of my beautiful California mansion and it's galactically impressive views.
Because I think it's funny, I'm including some photos of my favorite wrecks there over the past few weeks. It's the start of regular posting of messed up cars... cuz everyone loves destruction (of someone else's stuff)!

This poor BMW X5 was burned out from the inside. I don't know how you do this - maybe a rival soccer mom gang hit? Anyways everything is blown out, all the glass is toast... and the Civic behind him ain't looking so hot. More to come soon!

New Years Eve 2006: It's never too late to blog

So due to multiple illnesses (BOO) and a crazy, intense work schedule (Double boo/related), and various other fun events happening constantly (I heart LA), I never put up pics of NYE. Bad blogger, bad. So here's a quick rundown.

I went to Giant Maximus NYE in Downtown LA with 15,000 of my closest friends. It was fun! Great music, world class DJ's, etc. Of course, there was a line of a few thousand people you had to brave to get in, but it went pretty fast.

Hanging with Jennie in the crowd! We rocked it! WOO!
Meghan rocking the star earrings!
This picture cracks me up every time I see it. I think we were really bored in line. :)
The ladiessssss!
Oooh purty lights....
A ferris wheel, just cuz (the whole thing was circus themed).
The cool thing is you are in the middle of downtown LA surrounded by skyscrapers. It's an impressive sight.
Crazy circus people did stuff on stilts.... mostly walking around. I was hoping they'd get into a knife fight, but how often does what I want happen?
All the music was under tents (they had to close it last year due to rain).
Fun group shot in the packed crowd!
Downtown lights purdy... I love my Canon SD800is, shots come out great.
OK, I just had to share this pic. I called her Busty McGee. She'd dance, and everything would just jiggle... and bounce... it was hilarious. She literally wasn't wearing much, the poor lamb, I guess after spending all that money on a boob job she couldn't afford clothing. AWWWWW.
The great thing is everyone around her was staring, I could totally see her being one of those girls that's like "GAWD! Why do men always stare at my breasts? I hate them!". LOLOLOL
More cool lights! PURDY!
Tents under downtown.
And finally... crazy overpriced circus games, woo!
Hope you all had a fun New Years!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Live from Hollywood, Lily Allen!

Always fun stuff to do here... Lily Allen, the The British sensation sweeping the US, is here for a quick show. Should be fun. :) Living in a big city rocks!