Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I Love Keane!

So Lily Allen on Monday was awesome. She put on a great show and D and I had a blast. Her voice was really great live, much better then I expected. She's got a great vocal range. Her songs are pretty funny. Check out her website.
I saw Keane a week before, they came up to play at The Wiltern, a great old theater in Hollywood. The acoustics are awesome there. The show was one of my favorites, they were incredible live and created amazing sounds with just the 3 of them.

On the way way there, stopped by Michael Jackson's favorite restaurant in all of LA:

LOL!! That's right, PARK IN REAR at YOUNG DONG. You know it, Mr. Jackson. LOLOL

The Wiltern was so pretty! I had to get tix off Craigslist due to missing the original sale date. LA is awesome because everyone plays there, but I swear every concert sells out in like 10 minutes.
Seats up in the mezzanine actually gave a great view.
Stars in the ceiling!
I don't know what's wrong with this photo. I don't know what I'm looking at. I don't know what expression this is. It's not like, overtly bad, but it's really just... ODD.
The blue lights starting out was really cool, with both of them on pianos. The keyboardist guy on the right was amazing, he was usually playing two at once and doing multiple sounds; there were no guitarists, he did everything. It sounded like an orchestra.
Lots of cool lights. They played most of the songs from their last album and many from their first one.
The lead singers vocals are incredible live, what a voice! He sounded as good as the album.
They really rocked the crowd, who was SUPER into them. Standing ovation for much of the concert.
The lead singer was brave enough to get down in the crowd twice and sing 'amongst the people', causing many freakouts. :)
The end. Sniff. They were AWESOME! Check them out!

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