Wednesday, February 07, 2007

F***ed cars, A New Beginning

So one of the cool things about the neighborhood I live in... get ready to be jealous... I have a great view of a surfboard maker, cabinet maker (the fumes ROCK), and a towing company right outside my window. I know, I know. Be envious of my beautiful California mansion and it's galactically impressive views.
Because I think it's funny, I'm including some photos of my favorite wrecks there over the past few weeks. It's the start of regular posting of messed up cars... cuz everyone loves destruction (of someone else's stuff)!

This poor BMW X5 was burned out from the inside. I don't know how you do this - maybe a rival soccer mom gang hit? Anyways everything is blown out, all the glass is toast... and the Civic behind him ain't looking so hot. More to come soon!

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