Monday, February 19, 2007

A great SoCal weekend

So I had a great weekend... relaxed Friday since work has been so crazy busy, then on Saturday I headed down to SD to hang with my peeps.... Happy Birthday C-Brei!!!

We went to On Broadway, which was a blast. It's a bank that was built in the 1920's in downtown SD, and converted into a club. George Acosta was spinning and it was a fun show! Lots of dancing. :)

L & C rockin' the dancefloor!
Me & C on the dancefloor.... SHHHH don't tell your husband, baby!Me & L on the dancefloor.... shhhh, don't tell your husband, hottie!
J, me, and A - guess who thought it was too loud? Audio geek! :D
Romance on the dancefloor.... GET A ROOM!
Busy club. Smokey air. Loud music. Hoochey gogo dancers; Priceless. Mastercard!
I told you they were hoochey.
"Like, my name is, like, Kandi, with a K and an I. I like water. ... water doesn't make you fat, does it? Tee-hee."
WAASSSSUPPP - or insert another less dated "HEY!" caption.
"She wants me."
Note: I swear, I did not take this picture. I think she's covering her mouth trying not to laugh - or throw up that water she just ate. Old habits....
Happy Birthday C-Brei (formerly C-Bo)!
The LA gang kicking it in SD....
My friend W! We used to work together back in SD, he moved to SF, I moved to LA, then we ended up being at the same club the same night... small world! :) Too funny.
So a great weekend, not much sleep, but lots of good times. I need a nap now.


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