Wednesday, June 01, 2005

E3 madness

Went to a somewhat lame and unoriginal E3 this year. Had fun seeing friends, but there was an extreme lack of interesting games and titles to look at. Some cool games, but the new platform hype was underwhelming in reality. Most of the cool stuff was not on the show floor.
Xbox 360 does look pretty good and it looks like MS is doing a great job marketing and planning everything for it... PS3 is all fake videos, and Nintendo Revolution is like the 'special' kid down the street you just kind of smile and nod at.
Some non-game related interesting pics are below.

And you thought you've seen big crowds... being surrounded by 70,000 sweaty nerds is really not anyone's idea of fun (I think).

Looking down on the main show floor - Sony booth. Posted by Hello

Four kick ass zombies and 2 slutty chicks in thongs pointing plastic guns at me: yes, folks, this is E3.


Zombies galore!

Zombies, AHH! She looks hungry...

They had things on display from the Narnia movie. I can't wait!

Crazy ass firedancers performed on stage for some MMO...

She's so hawwwt.

Me and Evil Knievel! Yes, he IS still alive!

A fountain of chocolate at the R* party! Best invention ever. You may as well take pure fat and spread it on your stomach.

The view from the top of the suite at the Chateau Marmont. Oooh. I didn't see any celebs tho. :/ It was then off to bed at 4am... yay.