Thursday, August 28, 2008

Better late then never!

Hey peoples! As you can imagine I've been pretty slammed with work-related stuff lately, so my bloggin' time has been non existent.

There are some fun pics to share - unfortch I missed my sister Damien's baby shower that Mom and Dad threw home in Oregon...
She and Kirk AKA BabyDaddy, pose - yeah, she's about to burst! I'm gonna be an uncle SOON! WAAAH!
This is Mom posing in front of her new Gazebo. I totally love it. I got to see it last month when I was home, it's coming along so nicely!
They hung baby clothes throughout the house for the shower - how cute is that? I hear the games were a blast.
My aunt and uncle, cousin and her husband flew/drove in to see Damien. They all live out of state so she was QUITE surprised! :) Good thing she wasn't so surprised it caused some water breakage.
So many baby clothes!
So many gifts!

I'm really sad I missed it, but that's life. Soon I'll be an uncle, and I'll be able to post 500,000 baby pics. You think I've gone crazy with the cats and dogs... hahaha

Done some other really fun stuff lately, including:
Hanging with super great friends at lots of different places, here we got together at Hyde in Hollywood where my friend Ray was spinning. F U N! From left to right: dork, Brandon, Loy, Ben, Josh, Dylan.

Dancing on the wall may have been involved.....
And we made a Saskia sandwich! She liked it, tho. At least, I CHOOSE to disagree with the '100 yard radius' mandate now. I think she's just flirting. You silly, you!

I randomly met these models at the bar and they were hilarious, so we took a pic. Fun fact: The blonde is grabbing my ass. Hence my "Ehrr... ahh... OK..." look.
Fun fact: I'd tell you what the tattoo chica is doing, but my parents read this blog.
Fun fact: OK, actually, she's telling me I need some tattoos. Then she asked me how long I've been a casting director.
Fun fact: Lying in bars in Hollywood is supersupersuper fun.

We all went out to celebrate our friend Brandon's birthday the other week, which included going roller skating at a total 80's disco in the valley:
Yeah, it was superfab. Or ... uhm... killer? Sick? Crap, gimme an 80's term!
Here Loy and Josh in a skate-by photo. Loves it.
Randy is a little too good on skates. Too good, you ask? Yes, I think there may have been soul selling and/or black market trading going on here. First born?
Loy has the gift of being 6'4" like me. Unfortunately, neither of us has ... how you say... balance. :)

I caught up with Trent for dinner the other week and saw Batman on IMAX again, which was, amazing of course, and we saw this sign on the 3rd st. Promenade.
You should have seen the sluts working that store. Man, the economy is so bad they'll stoop to anything!

Last Friday I met up with my SD peeps Ben, Raph, newly-moving-to-LA-Frank, and LA Bobby at the Kevin Smith Crazy4Cult art show - it was really cool, super hot, and had tons of movie related art:

It was great. After, we bounced to Saddle Ranch on Sunset to see some people get tossed around by a mechanical bull:I have to say, that NEVER gets old. lolol :) This chick, who told us her name was Ebony (her friend's name was Ivory... yeah... it was Vegas name night, apparently) ate it like a sack of potatos. :)

Great seeing my peeps, sad they live so far away!

T, Loy and I saw House Bunny at midnight Thursday last week:
L O V E D IT!!!!!!!!!! SO damn funny. Anna Faris is sort of a God to me now. I sacrificed a virgin for her the other day!*
*Come on, seriously? There are no virgins in LA. Britney, please.

Speaking of Britney, I met up with a bunch of great friends to go see Lady Gaga perform at Cherry Pop on Saturday night:
She rocked the house! It was so fun. The blonde girl on the left here totally flashed her boobs, too. Or maybe it was just spirit fingers. I get the two confused.
Rock it Lady Gaga!
John and Jordan were fun to hang with as always, and of course Jordan's suspenders made a really fun snapping sound while we waited for Lady Gaga to come onstage.*
*Sorry, alcohol.
Randy, Ben, Brad, and I'm giving my best "Awwww shizz in da club" look. Or, my 'special' look.... yeah, probably that one.
Steve, who's so ridiculously in shape his bodyfat is now in the negative. Don't worry, we can be jealous together.

Sunday I met up with a bunch of peeps to hit Sunset Junction in Silver Lake, which was cool. Basically it's a mix of music, food, crafts, the usual fair type shizz. Great mix of people...

This was cool, this old dude started dancing with the hot chick who was grooving out. It was a really cute moment. That, or he was her sugar daddy. You never really know in LA.

Das Poopen?
Yup, never running for President.

Monday Julie and Angela invited me to lunch and for pedicures, which having never had one, I thought it sounded sorta fun. Try anything once, right? Unfortch for me...
They wanted me to do the pedi's. OY. It was a lot of work. Julie said her "white boy AC sucked"....

So I fanned her. She then fired me and threatened deportation (I didn't have the heart to tell her I'm sorta here legally).Angela's toes left a lasting impression.... and my lunch all over the floor.

Fun times, great friends, I'm blessed, hope ya'll are well!

True Blood - Suck It Up!

This show looks awesome! HBO's advertising is pretty great.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Messiah Remix goes off!!!

Jesus Revival mix + Techno mix = priceless. Thank you baby Jeebus!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nice day for a bike ride!

Purdy Marina... nice breeze!


These seagulls won't stop staring at me.
I am ... concerned.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

SJP looks like a horse.

Now, I LOVE me some SJP as much as the next fellow, but dayumn... this is some funny shizz.