Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Split Documentary

My friend Jeff recently produced Split, a documentary about how the politics of America - Red State, Blue State, etc., have divided the nation. He kindly invited me to the Riverside Film Festival to catch a screening and I was impressed with how well it was done! VERY entertaining, great pacing, well edited and very poignant given what's going on in the world right now. I highly recommend everyone to see it!

Check out the trailer and keep an eye out for it at a local film festival (and on DVD soon!).

Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Homeowners and Goodbye Sushi

I recently visited supercuz's Aliah and Gabe to see their beautiful new home in Orange County that they purchased... and what a beaut it is! I haven't seen them so happy about it in such a long time.

We took a walk around, the OC rules for it's super awesome naming convention of communities:
Oh yeah, I walked up and down that shi*!
Aliah and I fondly remembered our childhoods... then I fondly remembered I keep a Zoloft/Paxil cocktail around for just such an occasion.

Now when you walk down Memory Lane you do tend to regress....
Gabriel and I Were At Play. Slow down to 10MPH Aliah!

Back at the house, G&A started to show me the new digs:
Here they welcomed me into their home with open arms! They then proceeded to give me a full tour.
TWO people in the shower? Oh you crazy kids! Look at those smiles!
A basket of shiny yet oddly smelling fruit? Aww thanks! They kept trying to get me to drink this 'super amazing kool aid' but I just wasn't thirsty. Stop smiling so much you kooks!

Hahaha those restraints tickle! What's with the brain drill in the closet? You Orange County types always keep me guessing!
Oooh a spirit in the closet!
I likes hiding in the showers. However, it can get really uncomfortable when somebody has to do their 'bizznazz'.
Here the happy couple pose by their TV that I think is on record as being the smallest in Southern California.
Aliah was so happy and excited to see me! She just couldn't wait for me to stop taking photos.
The bedroom! They even hung the draperies themselves.

Gabriel proudly proclaimed that you can fit 5, maybe 6 bodies in the closet. I love how he measures things!
Their couch was comfy. A little TOO comfy. Just look how happy we are!
The big arse living room, where Aliah said something about that's where the ghosts convene at the blood dawn. Hahaha! Isn't that a Miley Cyrus song?

Oh no, it's a Gabriel & Aliah original!
I cooked dinner (yup, no one died too) and proceeded to make Aliah laugh by yelling "Watcha gon do wit yo life??!?!?" while she sang "Girls just wanna have fun".
OK enough of the creepy photos, here's a nice one!
Awww. :) Their new place rocks and I'm so happy for them!
I met BFF's Nancy and Heather for dinner at Basix in weho last week:
I heart them! They crack me up. I almost snorted iced tea.

And last week I met Angela, Julie, and Deborah for lunch at FOX:
We ate at Moe's! No really, we did!
Sadly, Angela tried to eat the tray again. Julie said it happens every day.

And had to share these pics from last week:
We are a classic couple.
Such a purdy bride!
The Big Day! Just as I always dreamed.

Here we are at Yogurtberry, one of the 5,000 Pinkberry ripoffs...
And on the way out we saw this pic of Jeff posing with someone's baby... I think it was an ad to not steal babies. Or take candy from them?

Here are some fun pics from Matt's going away party - he moved to NY ya'll! :(We met at Fat Fish in Koreatown, it was really good and cheap! YUM! I totally overate. :)

Kyle observes while my friends Helen and Joanne ask me how tall I really am, and if I ate pixies or hobbits to achieve such freaky heights.
SUSHIIIIIII! It's one of those revolving belt places where it goes round and round.... and round....

"Look freaky man giant! It's a lil plate of food! I bet you could eat 20 of these and still be hungry!" Thanks Joanne. Thanks.The whole crew! I'm happy for Matt who's pursuing his dreams in NYC and I'm sure will achieve much success there.
We hit Pinkberry after and their employees actually told me no cameras allowed. I know, would they tell Eli Manning not to run? Mariah not to sing? Spitzer not to whore it up? I mean seriously people. It's my thing.

Oldies But Goodies

I couldn't resist blogging some of these pics from the last few weeks, I've been insanely busy and haven't had time to do much of any blogging but didn't want these photos to miss their time in the limelight...
About a month ago I joined friends Steph and Alek in beautiful Long Beach, CA as they judged the annual Haute Dog Easter dog parade:
We judged Best Human Bonnet which you seem the two winners here....
This was my favorite dog. LOVE the wig and dress. Adorable!
I did start to feel bad for the dogs after awhile, but you know they loved the attention. Maybe. :)

SD peeps Jeff & Jenn came up to visit with their daughter Trinity and we hit up Venice Beach:
Unfortch I had to remind JJ that pooing on the sand was NOT allowed. Of course I forgot to bring a poo bag...
And this shirt made me think of Ben. HOLLA!

I found an ad for a "Washlet" at a Japanese market, which apparently advertises that "Clean is Happy", hence the smiley faces on the asses. Ahhh yes, I wish they'd launch that campaign here.
This manequin on Abbot Kinney in Venice was apparently very, very, VERY clean.
Note: Do not attempt this while driving, no matter how inviting that finger seems.
Trinity is a supermodel in the making!
All of us at the beach!And here's Kirsten, Deborah, Angela, and Deborah's friend Lisa at Baja Cantina where we hit up the happy hour... and I almost passed out from cheap but good margaritas. YUM! :)

Saturday, April 26, 2008


just shook my hand! I think we're alone now...

Friday, April 18, 2008

Blarggghhhh grrgghle

That's the sound I make after a long workout... Oy! Stupid summer and shirtless weather! :P

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mean but funny....


The web's best kept secret

I SO HEART someecards.com - it's sense of humor is just f***ed up enough to line up exactly with what I love.

Two favs I stumbled across tonight:

Fitting considering recent events, eh? :P
I sent this to Bush. :)