Thursday, April 03, 2008

Meet The Folks: Bitchy Bingo!

I know I've been a bad blogger... but between work insanity and my catching of the death plague last week, I've been somewhat abstinent. That's changing NOW!

Mom and Dad ventured out to crazy hell-A for some fun, of which I will attempt to provide this week... LA STYLE! (My new catch phrase)
We started out with some Mao's Kitchen Chinese food:
Unfortch we killed the Egg Flower soup rather quickly and I cried a little. Salty tears just reminded me even more of the devoured liquid goodness. :(
Luckily it was followed by some super tasty food. FULL NOW! ... LA STYLE! See, isn't that uber trendy catchy tranny fierce? You know it baby.
We went shopping after where Mom found some great deals, and I met Ursula Boobs-For-A-Face. She was nice, but a little vain and kinda slow. Typical LA girl.

After we ventured out for Legendary Bingo AKA Bitchy Bingo at Hamburger Mary's in weho for a good old fashioned night of Bingo, drag queens, and a wild fun crazy crowd:
BFF Vince came out and while he didn't win, he also didn't lose. Yeah, chew on that for awhile.
Dad wouldn't stop licking the ink bottles. Poor Matt now knows "I LEARNED IT FROM WATCHING YOU!".

Mom ended up winning for our group, and got the prize from Paula Malcomson, one of the celebrity ball callers for the night. Who's Paula, you may ask? Well she's best known as the most-abused whore Trixie in Deadwood. Ahhh, I love actors. She was Irish and super fun and cute! We heart her. I'll no longer cheer as she gets beaten up on Deadwood!
Part of winning is they make you run up and down through the whole restaurant while everyone throws their losing tickets at you.
"See, pinkwig, you gots ta run up and down. I hope that thing comes with powers of shielding or something. They are gonna WRECK that."
The host, Jeffrey Bowman, is hilarious!
RUN LOLA RUN!!! It was like a pink blur.
*My Mom didn't actually say Woot, added for dramatic emphasis*

"Good job pinkie! You survived!" The poor woman after that wasn't so lucky, she got one of the numbers wrong after claiming she won...Yeah, her arse was handed to her. By a bingo paddle, no less. It's all about the deets.... LA STYLE! See, don't ur lurve that?
Here we see Matt who ordered a chicken pot pie.... FOR TWELVE F***ING PEOPLE. Yeah, I know, maybe the kitchen thought he was hot.

We got a photo with Bridgette Of Madison County who's one of the hosts after, and she ROCKS! SO FUNNY.
We laughed all night, they really put on a great show, and it's all for charity! Recommended!!
Cameron came out, and it was raining out - no he was not just crapped on by a bird, altho that's sorta what looks like is happening here.

After a sufficient portion of bitchy bingo, we went to the Abbey for a drink and my friend Jean came out:
And I introduced Mom and Dad to the world famous Abbey Mojito. Mom made a face like she had just licked a battery, and Dad seemed to like it. Welcome to the bar scene!

Ma got her dance on:
"See, I re-arrange the Tetris pieces just like this..."
"You are doing it all wrong! Walk less like an Egyptian."
She struck a pose at the end of the night:
Yeah, Mom's FIERCE ya'll.

And that was that. A fun night, good times, and the trip is just beginning!


s said...

good times!

Keith said...

I wish my parents were as cool as yours...I can't even get my dad to watch an episode of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" without him bitching about his theory that Hollywood is trying to force the gay lifestyle down everyone's throats.