Monday, April 28, 2008

Oldies But Goodies

I couldn't resist blogging some of these pics from the last few weeks, I've been insanely busy and haven't had time to do much of any blogging but didn't want these photos to miss their time in the limelight...
About a month ago I joined friends Steph and Alek in beautiful Long Beach, CA as they judged the annual Haute Dog Easter dog parade:
We judged Best Human Bonnet which you seem the two winners here....
This was my favorite dog. LOVE the wig and dress. Adorable!
I did start to feel bad for the dogs after awhile, but you know they loved the attention. Maybe. :)

SD peeps Jeff & Jenn came up to visit with their daughter Trinity and we hit up Venice Beach:
Unfortch I had to remind JJ that pooing on the sand was NOT allowed. Of course I forgot to bring a poo bag...
And this shirt made me think of Ben. HOLLA!

I found an ad for a "Washlet" at a Japanese market, which apparently advertises that "Clean is Happy", hence the smiley faces on the asses. Ahhh yes, I wish they'd launch that campaign here.
This manequin on Abbot Kinney in Venice was apparently very, very, VERY clean.
Note: Do not attempt this while driving, no matter how inviting that finger seems.
Trinity is a supermodel in the making!
All of us at the beach!And here's Kirsten, Deborah, Angela, and Deborah's friend Lisa at Baja Cantina where we hit up the happy hour... and I almost passed out from cheap but good margaritas. YUM! :)

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