Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Catching Up Is Hard To Do

OK quick catchup of some fun photos from the last few weeks I haven't blogged:
BFF Deborah and I shut down Luna Park on La Brea one night after we met for dinner, it was so fun! She rocks and is a great friend. Plus being gorgeous helps too.

I met a gaggle of women for dinner at Pink Taco a few weeks ago:
You just know the guys at the bar were wondering what my story was. "How doessss he do it?" (best said in 1920's voice)
When I went to the bathroom they had some fun with my camera:
I dunno who's boobs these are but they are pretty damn fab. In fact, I'd say they almost look fake. That's right, mystery boobs, I'm calling you out.
I never get modern art.
Nancy tried to recreate her famous super leap:
And this photo just turned out too awesome.
Ang touched something icky:
And we kinda laughed at her for it. Classic!

They all went home to sleep or something, and Heather and I decided to the rock the hizzy or whatever the kids call it at Tiger Heat (yes, it's really called that):
We were surrounded by sweaty 18 year olds and thus I felt like a dirty old man. Good times! There was a Britney impersonator there:
Sadly, she danced, lipsynced, and looked better then the real thing. Awkwarddddddd.
"We dancin!"
Later that week I saw Matt Nathanson and Lifehouse with Cam:

They put on a fantastic show and sounded amazing live!
It was a really good show. The Wiltern rocks!
Myspace shot! WOO!
Matt N stayed after to sign autographs much to his dismay. The screaming girls were literally shoving and pushing at him. I heard him actually go "No shoving!". Hahha, last time he'll ever greet the fans.

Fun night! I love that my advertising is so direct now you can still read my shirt even with a jacket. I work it for the brands, ya'll.
I met a gaggle of friends for dinner in Manhattan Beach for a fun dinner, including Superstar Reed who was rated the best dancer at Julie & Vince's wedding, and Brian who was visiting from Switzerland:Julie, Vince, Kirsten, and the Amazing Miss Lisa also made an appearance.
After I met the guys at Akbar:
As soon as I met Steph and Alek I knew we was gonna be BFF's.
I don't do a 'cool' look, really, I sorta look sheepish and like I just punched my kid brother and I'm trying to hide it, but you know, I try.
As soon as the tongue came out, I knew it was meant to be BFF's! Trent and Jordan were a blast to hang out with as always, I have the best friends!
We all met for dinner later that night at a pizza spot on Sunset, which was tasty... and it was a great end to an action packed week!

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