Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Bold And The Beautiful Bowling Birthday

Last night was a pretty insanely fun night... my friend Whitney had her big birthday extravaganza in Santa Monica, organized by her amazing friend Kristin. We had SUCH a blast! As you can probably see from the pictures... Which really, look like they come from a beer commercial. Only with even more hot chicks.
We started out at Parlor in Santa Monica which is a great high class sports bar type place. Fun! Good food too - I nearly OD'ed on the fries. Here you can see the gang talking and having fun, and my newest BFF Cece giving us her own special "hello world!".

The shock of the night came after taking this picture and being told that both Whit and her BFF Kristin shown below....
Are single. Yeah, I know, WTF, right? It's possible there's a sudden blindness epidemic that has swept over Los Angeles... I'm not sure. But seriously, even my camera fogged up after some of these pictures. Muy caliente! Kristin and Whitney had me cracking up all night, I am sore from laughing....
And from eating cupcakes! Whitney's friend Erica made her the most dee-lish cupcakes and even had a special shirt made:
How cute is that! Erica's shirt says "My friend Whit is the shit! Beautiful and fun, now 31"... adorable!
Kristin has the power of fire, and actually lit the candles with her fingertips. It was pretty impressive, until I was told she was apart of the X-Men. Then I was sorta bummed she couldn't even fly. Boooringgg.
Too much pretty!
She made a wish! However I'm not a billionaire today so I don't think it came true. :(
Next it was on to bowling where more crazyness ensued (and we just drank water, I swear):
Kristin bowled so many perfect strikes I started to think she had the power of fire AND telekineses.
Chris, who was one of my bowling buddies, was super cool. Note that Whitney is now officially the Pose Queen(TM) - look out Tyra, she's got your number!
OK, Tyra, you just lost. Also, I think that bowling ball just melted.
I bowled and did OK the first game... thanks to Cece for this nice shot of my arse in mid bowl.
W00t! I broke 100, which is good for me. 111 is lucky right? After that, I was pure crap.
Whitney looks like a Pantene Pro-V commercial even when she's bowling. It's a little insane.
Back to a beer ad! WOO! Needless to say, we were the life of the party everywhere we went!
They turn on blacklights at night and it makes everything look pretty cool. They also play R&B music, which I didn't get how that goes with bowling... but it was fun... ehr... fo shizzle, dawg!
FIERCE! "You are ze tigerrrr! Scratch ze camera! You haaate the camera! RAWRR! Now you are ze kitten! Meow! Meow to ze camera!" What can I say, I'm a photographer at heart.
STRIKE! Birthday girl luck!

I lucked out and got some super awesome shiny new shoes at the alley:
Kristin was quite taken with them and kept buying them drinks. Yeah, I'm not saying anything, but let's just say the shoes did very well that night. VERY WELL. Wink wink, nudge nudge. My shoes totally used me.... sigh.

Happy Birthday, pretty!
Blair came to help Whit celebrate and was a blast to talk to, all of Whitney's friends were so much fun!
Bowling crazynessssssss! Everytime I looked up the other lanes were looking jealous and probably wondering what was in our beer. ;) Ehrr... water.
Kristin was a pretty serious bowler, someone walked through her lane and she set them on fire. But in a nice way.
The beautiful Cece who broke 100! WOO! She rocks, and made me laugh pretty much all night. :) She also pointed out that I have "1 blue ball"... Thanks Cece. Thanks. A lot.
Adam and Blair were mystified by my magic Extendo-Arm(TM), while Whitney proves she can't take a bad photo.

I decided I wanted some more bowling action shots - and you know these babies went straight to Facebook and Myspace as profile pictures last night. ;)Angelina Jolie... I mean Kristin rules! She was trying to take a nice, cute photo with me - and I of course went for the crazy tongue shot. Yeah, she'll learn I'm Cruiseazy!
Here Whitney shows she not only poses better, but also can hold the bowling ball with ONE (1) arm while I apparently need TWO (2) arms to hold a ball. So yeah, she's stronger too. I'm going to go cry in a corner now.

OK crying over! Thanks Paxil&Zoloft cocktail!

As we went to exit, Kristin got bored outside as we waited for someone and nearly killed me with laughter...
"You better not be taking photos!"... Yeah, we all know that's pretty much all I do.
"Cute-Purse ATTACK! WOO!"
"My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!" Damn right, Kristin, this one's better then yours... ehr... mine.
"Bow down, bitches!"
She even interviewed a random dude in the parking lot... Adam, Eric, Blair and I nearly died of laughter. I think the poor suit-guy was scared. :)
"Ya'll can't handle this much sexyyyy! Rowr!"
HAWT! Ooooh my stomach is sore from laughing.
Next up we went back to Parlor for a nightcap:
It suddenly got extremely crowded! Check out this photo...
Can't see? OK I'll zoom in for ya:
LOL!! Yeah, it's pretty amazing. I love the bar moments I capture sometimes. These two kids were going at it ehr... LA STYLE... and the two girls here were cheering them on. It was awesome.
The girl in the black dress was all drunk over the table a few minutes before, and the table totally got to 3rd base with her... hawt. Note, as my new BFF Cece pointed out, "The Wasian.". The white guy hanging with a group of Asians and trying to blend in... he was awesome.
We made fun of the people in the bar for about 30 minutes and I think I snorted beer out my nose.

As Nelly Furtado says, all good things must come to an end:
It was an awesome night! Whitney is a great friend! She's a blast of energy, fun, and positivity and clearly surrounds herself with cool peeps. It was SO MUCH FUN hanging with her and her amazing friends all night! Happy Birthday Whitney, you rock!!!

Well I needed to slow things down a bit today after all that insanity, and I met up with Oregon BFF's Julie and Vince for lunch in Hermosa Beach, picking up Aussie BFF Sandy and her BF Ben along the way:
We had a great time as always! Ben's a really cool guy and Sandy's awesome, all Australians are so cool...
It was pretty crowded!
Yes, crowded! It's summer! It was like 87 at the beach!
We made our way along the pier and I made a new friend...
I called him Fishy McGuts, he was so cute and fun! He doesn't talk much but he really touches everyone he comes into contact with. I heart his lil style! Oh Fishy, you so crazy!
The Aussie with her BFF and her BF! ;) lol
Great weekend, and now on to what should be a pretty fun week. Hope ya'll had a great weekend!

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