Sunday, March 23, 2008

Best e-card site EVER is the best site EVER. The cards crack me up, totally my style of humor!!
Funny shizz! I love it!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Working from home...

Home today happens to be the beach with my VP of sales... Ang!

I don't remember this children's book as a kid...

Exploration, indeed.

FUGLY Mickey Mouse

I dunno why, but I'm strangely fascinated by this blog.

Monday, March 17, 2008

At the suggestion of my friend Chris L...

I've decided to pursue a career of Urban Sprinting as my next job. WOOT!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Issue of Bello!

My new BFF's Steph and Alek launched issue #2 of Bello Magazine, and it has some great interviews with celebs, cool clothes, and of course incredible photography. Is there anything these guys can't do?? :)
Check it out!

Monday, March 10, 2008

An Evening With The Raveonettes

I had the pleasure of seeing The Raveonettes at The El Rey Theater last Tuesday... and they put on SUCH a great show!

I met Matt there and we got there pretty early - well 7:30 for an 8:00 show - and we got to stand right in FRONT of the stage! It was the closest I've ever been at a concert and it was SO fun!

But every positive has to have a negative. This negative was the opening band, Be Your Own Pet.
Now coming out they looked cool. They were a bunch of 19 year old rockers who had been performing for 3 years. They had the retro-hip cool, a punky blonde singer, etc. It seemed like a recipe for success.

Then the music started. It was so loud I think I leaked a little brain fluid. Then it sorta sounded like everyone was screaming all at once while getting kicked in the balls.

And I'm pretty sure EVERYONE had balls-that-were-being-kicked.
I think she has like 50 balls. That were being kicked. Even the guitars had balls, and yes, the guitars were kicked. HARD.
Halfway through the performance, I started thinking of alternate titles for them.
"Ball Stompers"
"My nuts hurt worse then your ears"
"I wish your head pain"
"You'll feel this in the morning"None of them really stuck. I was kind of fond of "Ear Bleeding Symphony", but then something miraculous happened. The singer started shaking, tucked into a Sonic The Hedgehog style pose, and proceeded to run about the stage, slamming into the guys and knocking the microphone post over on my head (I caught it, so no lawsuit). Kinda like a blonde Tasmanian Devil.

She then did something.... amazing.
She pulled her Go**amn hair out.
Yeah, I know, but look at the photo.


YES people, I sh** you not, she pulled her freaking hair out LIVE on stage. It was something to behold.

After the ball-stomping-screeching stopped, the girl behind me in the crowd tapped me on the shoulder politely and said...
"Uhm... did... did she just pull her hair out?"
I can't make this stuff up.

So here's a big shout out to Be Your Own Pet. I will suffer for 30 minutes of your excruciatingly bad 'music' if you pull your hair out, anytime, any place. Now granted, I have no musical talent of any form, but even I would draw the line and ripping follicles for a show. You my peeps!

OK, after they swept the hair up (not kidding) they set up for my favorite Danish 50's/60's Americana style music band: THE RAVEONETTES!!!!!!!!
And Lordy Lordy I was so close!
So close I saw the whole set list! I was like....
"Hey Sune... how about Love In A Trashcan? Oh wait... that's in 2 songs. Cool man, you do your thing."
Hey SDG (Superhot Drummer Girl) - what'd those drums do to you?
Hey SDG - ever play Rock Band?
Sharin looks like Jesus here. Hi baby Jeebus!
"We are so close! WOO!"
Matt's now a fan of The Raveonettes! Altho I think he secretly liked Ear Bleeding Hair Assassination better. OMG I just named them! Yay!
They did a fantastic set of songs, some new, some old, all the hits.
I loved the lighting too... but really, being close enough to be sweat upon was the kicker.
But I think Sharin sweats rainbows. Of gold.....
KIDDING! Platinum!
With puppies and kittens!
Me = in heaven! See, the Extendo-Arm(TM) comes in even handier in concerts!
"Look ma, no zoom needed!"

I have to confess, I did get an accidental Stalker Eyes(TM). I know what you are thinking - was Angela there? Sadly, my babygirl was at home - however, Manuel, the papparazzi who was snapping photos, was apparently a wee bit angry I was upstaging his camera skillz...
Seriously, look at that expression! I'm surprised I made it home in one piece!

I did take a few videos, check this one out "Here Comes Mary". I highly recommend going to their website and buying their music if you like it! They were incredible live and I had a blast!

Well, it's all in a night's ... work.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

There's No Party Like A Chateau Party

ARGH! I can't get over my one-week behind blogging sickness! It's like I have Blogger SARS! NOO! Anyways, last weekend was great. Here are some of the highlights!

I met up with Kirsten, Mike, Trent, and David for a dee-lish dinner at Baja Cantina in Venice... So tasty! I lurve the Mex food (had it 3 nights in a row this weekend!).
Far away - but you know how, I roll, so I whipped out:
THE EXTENDO-ARM! I know what you people groove on. I am a provider.

Mike and I went out for a few drinks after and I ran into my new friends John and Steve at 11:
They are the coolest. Even tho I look nasty drunk in this photo, I really only had one drink.
AFTER the photo was taken, I had 12. Then I threw up, and drank a little more. Tee-hee.
Thank goodness I have no hair to hold.

Saturday I met LK, Angela, and my friend Raphael came up from San Diego to visit. We started with dinner at Bruno's in Santa Monica, which had great pizza, and when I went to the bathroom Angela & LK decided to take random pics with my camera:
Yeah. I know. This is a mistake I plan on making again, and again, and again.

After taking more random-ass pics, we headed over to Viceroy in Santa Monica for drinks.
I found a sick Austin Powers style lounger and decided to strike a pose:
It was fun till this old scary dude came by and asked me if I wanted any Grey Poupon. I mean seriously, do I look like I eat mustard?
The Viceroy is a very cool Miami style hotel with pools and stuff in the backyard. We felt so posh.
But we didn't really act posh. No sir.
Well maybe a little. Ugh, that's a like a bundle of pretty-cute. Just throw some puppies and kittens in that pic and I'll throw up in my mouth a little. ;)

So, Angela and I of course had to break out Stalker Eyes(TM):
After all that hot dirty Stalker action, we took a nice group pic. How regal does that look? I love it! Altho Raph does look a wee bit embarrassed to be photographed with me.... Oh Raph, trust me, public embarrassment gets easier and easier. See Stalker Eyes(TM) above.

Being that Raph and I are crazy, we made our way out clubbing and got turned away at Les Deux and a bunch of other hot clubs because we 1) Aren't famous, 2) Haven't had bad plastic surgery 3) Our parents aren't rich and 4) Are not 2 super hot chicks.
We did manage to see Giovanni Ribisi hanging out in front of the Roosevelt hotel driving along Hollywood blvd - cuz u know how I hates to do a blogpost without a celeb.

Luckily my BFF's Paul and Corey hooked us up and we got into Hyde just before closing:
It was amazing! SO FUN! Shoshanna was dancing on the wall we got in along with Dana and Paul and it looked like a scene out of Studio 54.... :)
Raph was impressed:
And slightly confused by the look of it. That's my happy smirk, btw.
Raph, Paul, and I give our best "Wassup" while the beautiful Alixandra brings some hawtness into the pic... P.S. Doesn't Paul look FIERCE? I need to practice that.
OK, now Alixandra is all fierce! Yes, I'm surrounded by hawt people on the weekends... it provides balance to my working with nerds during the day. ;)

After Hyde we went to an after party at The Chateau Marmont which was a blast. I have to give a big birthday shout out to my new friend Dana! She kindly hosted us and was a blast to hang out with on her bday!
Hot! And she even made the dress that she's wearing! Project Runway, watch out! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Inspired, I tried out my cool-fierce-smirk:
Melissa looks great (it was like 4am people, I can't explain it) as do Paul and Raph, and I look kinda constipated.
Paul decided to show us his dance moves with the stylin' Melissa:

Doesn't it look like a Dior ad?
More crazyness ensued, including some trips to the pool, and dancing:
Where's that hand going, Dana? :D

There was a gargantuan bottle of Costco-size wine there, so naturally we took pics with it:
And they all appeared on Facebook within 12 hours.

I whipped out my Fierce-Smirk one more time:
Don't try this at home, kids. Well, unless you are Corey, who has pretty much perfected it. I'll learn one day! Till then... behold my Constipated-Look(TM)! I'll go wait for the endorsement ads to pour in.

And that was our Hollywood night... fun times!