Sunday, March 09, 2008

There's No Party Like A Chateau Party

ARGH! I can't get over my one-week behind blogging sickness! It's like I have Blogger SARS! NOO! Anyways, last weekend was great. Here are some of the highlights!

I met up with Kirsten, Mike, Trent, and David for a dee-lish dinner at Baja Cantina in Venice... So tasty! I lurve the Mex food (had it 3 nights in a row this weekend!).
Far away - but you know how, I roll, so I whipped out:
THE EXTENDO-ARM! I know what you people groove on. I am a provider.

Mike and I went out for a few drinks after and I ran into my new friends John and Steve at 11:
They are the coolest. Even tho I look nasty drunk in this photo, I really only had one drink.
AFTER the photo was taken, I had 12. Then I threw up, and drank a little more. Tee-hee.
Thank goodness I have no hair to hold.

Saturday I met LK, Angela, and my friend Raphael came up from San Diego to visit. We started with dinner at Bruno's in Santa Monica, which had great pizza, and when I went to the bathroom Angela & LK decided to take random pics with my camera:
Yeah. I know. This is a mistake I plan on making again, and again, and again.

After taking more random-ass pics, we headed over to Viceroy in Santa Monica for drinks.
I found a sick Austin Powers style lounger and decided to strike a pose:
It was fun till this old scary dude came by and asked me if I wanted any Grey Poupon. I mean seriously, do I look like I eat mustard?
The Viceroy is a very cool Miami style hotel with pools and stuff in the backyard. We felt so posh.
But we didn't really act posh. No sir.
Well maybe a little. Ugh, that's a like a bundle of pretty-cute. Just throw some puppies and kittens in that pic and I'll throw up in my mouth a little. ;)

So, Angela and I of course had to break out Stalker Eyes(TM):
After all that hot dirty Stalker action, we took a nice group pic. How regal does that look? I love it! Altho Raph does look a wee bit embarrassed to be photographed with me.... Oh Raph, trust me, public embarrassment gets easier and easier. See Stalker Eyes(TM) above.

Being that Raph and I are crazy, we made our way out clubbing and got turned away at Les Deux and a bunch of other hot clubs because we 1) Aren't famous, 2) Haven't had bad plastic surgery 3) Our parents aren't rich and 4) Are not 2 super hot chicks.
We did manage to see Giovanni Ribisi hanging out in front of the Roosevelt hotel driving along Hollywood blvd - cuz u know how I hates to do a blogpost without a celeb.

Luckily my BFF's Paul and Corey hooked us up and we got into Hyde just before closing:
It was amazing! SO FUN! Shoshanna was dancing on the wall we got in along with Dana and Paul and it looked like a scene out of Studio 54.... :)
Raph was impressed:
And slightly confused by the look of it. That's my happy smirk, btw.
Raph, Paul, and I give our best "Wassup" while the beautiful Alixandra brings some hawtness into the pic... P.S. Doesn't Paul look FIERCE? I need to practice that.
OK, now Alixandra is all fierce! Yes, I'm surrounded by hawt people on the weekends... it provides balance to my working with nerds during the day. ;)

After Hyde we went to an after party at The Chateau Marmont which was a blast. I have to give a big birthday shout out to my new friend Dana! She kindly hosted us and was a blast to hang out with on her bday!
Hot! And she even made the dress that she's wearing! Project Runway, watch out! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Inspired, I tried out my cool-fierce-smirk:
Melissa looks great (it was like 4am people, I can't explain it) as do Paul and Raph, and I look kinda constipated.
Paul decided to show us his dance moves with the stylin' Melissa:

Doesn't it look like a Dior ad?
More crazyness ensued, including some trips to the pool, and dancing:
Where's that hand going, Dana? :D

There was a gargantuan bottle of Costco-size wine there, so naturally we took pics with it:
And they all appeared on Facebook within 12 hours.

I whipped out my Fierce-Smirk one more time:
Don't try this at home, kids. Well, unless you are Corey, who has pretty much perfected it. I'll learn one day! Till then... behold my Constipated-Look(TM)! I'll go wait for the endorsement ads to pour in.

And that was our Hollywood night... fun times!

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That was a long night darion..
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