Sunday, March 02, 2008

No Country For Old Awards Shows

Once again I find myself a week behind in blogging... I'll catch up one of these days.
In the meantime -

Last Friday we welcomed Trent back from his wordly travels at Chan Dara Thai in Santa Monica:
It was dee-lish! Trent was most impressed by finding someone taller then his fav freaky man giant (me) - Buddha!

On Saturday T and I went to see Marilyn Manson at The Wiltern. YES, I went to see MM! Go figure. It was fun! The crowd wasn't quite as goth-crazy as I thought it'd be, but we had a fun time!
Note our nice before-concert pic:
Aww, so nice.

However, once the concert started, things quickly changed...
OOOOOH Gothy! Your darkness from beyond beckons my soul demons, rawwrrrr!

We quickly turned to the dark side:
And we weren't the only ones:
The peoples love MM!

My fav part of the show was when a tall blonde model walked out on stage pushing a cart... then MM went over and started grabbing her... she knocked his hand away... he went in for a kiss and then ripped her head off! Turns out it was a robot!
It was pretty crazy, it looked so real.

Behold the gothy moodyness - which was hit with fresh snow:
Snow + Candles & fog = ROCK!
He did a whole bit on top of the stage here, but it wasn't as crazy as I had hoped. Yes, my standards for goth crazyness are quite high.
Confetti! Cuz nothing says Satan Rulez like confetti. You know it.

On Sunday I had my first annual Oscar Party (this is a requirement if you live in LA):
However unbeknown to everyone, it was really to get them all to come help do my taxes. (Eric's looking at me in this picture because he saw how much I spent at Jamba Juice in Fiscal 2007)

Aren't I the bestest host EVER?
No, actually I had them fill out forms to see who could guess the most wins correctly.
Angela didn't win. However, everyone who got to see her Sexy-Win-Face(TM) is.

We had a 3 way tie for who got the most wins, so I started handing out the super posh gift bags....
Matt won the 2008 Low Rider Girls bikini calendar! Don't drool there buddy.

Helen won a squirrel....

Tanya won a freaky-ass-fish-mug. Really, it's a mug with a fish head and white splattered crap all over it. Seriously people I actually paid money for it.

I believe Dao got the lowest score if I remember correctly, and got the booby prize - or, Greatest Prize Ever depending on how you see it:Dao won Kathy Lee Gifford's Rock N Tots Cafe - A Christmas Gift VHS special! WOOOOOO! Don't watch it all at once you crazy chica!

My cuz's Aliah & Gabriel came by:
And I love how we stood in ascending order.

Angela and I of course decided it was high time for Stalker Eyes(TM) - Oscar Edition:
"I'll make you have a wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet! GRRR!"

So next it was Angela's turn to stalk me... and EVERY time I posed she'd whisper something in my ear. Now, listen peoples, I can't repeat what she said here...But let's just say I almost crapped my pants. Seriously. And by almost, I mean I did.

Finally she ran out of hilarious and inappropriate things to say:
"I'll make you forget to thank your spouse in your awards speech! RAWR!"

Next up we decided to play Rock Band which Vince & Julie graciously brought over for me to borrow, and we all rocked out on....
Trent ruled the drums and guitar, but got a big ol' blister on his thumb:
Which made him rock all the more.

I even sang:
And so far my friends are still talking to me!

The Oscar party was a blast and it was great having so many friends over, there was a TON of great food everyone brought, lots of good drinks, and the wittiest banter during the Oscars on the Westside!
More coming soon...

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