Friday, April 04, 2008

Pink Is The New Meet The Parents

Thursday was another fun day, we bonked around LA a bit and hit up an Indian buffet and supermarket where Mom and Dad bought enough spices to feed a small country... and then we met Trent for dinner at Rambutan Thai in Silver Lake (Best Thai food in LA!).
This was a long time in the works as they hadn't met yet, but had heard MANY stories about each other. :) Trent had been talking to my folks on email for awhile (and somehow wasn't scared away), and my parents heard the many stories of our adventures around LA.
Mom and Dad brought gifts for T, and he was wisely suspicious of each package. You never really know what's going to be in a present from Oregon. It could be alive, and who knows if it's legal in your state.

He lucked out however, and got an official Oregon T-Shirt:
Tye-dye! Yes, we'll have him in hemp pants in no time. If only Diesel made them...
Mom made a fleece deer blanket (yes, she makes things, she's country ya'll), which is good because LA is really cold right now.

Mom had a clown-style bag full of tricks, which she brought out some embarassing "cute" baby photos and then... a big purple fish hat.
My therapist says it's good to talk about these things. Luckily Trent was a good sport and rocked it.
We took a group shot and I went all-out with clown face, and of course I was dismayed to see that I was the only one that really went for it. GREAT, I'm the silly stupid clown. Thanks guys.

Trent has become a pretty amazing friend in the last year and it was great for him to Meet The Parents. Plus he wasn't scared after and is still returning my phone calls, so all is well! My parents are filing adoption papers so he'll be a Lowenstein any day now... I always wanted a brother - as long as I remain the favorite!

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