Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Mom's B-day Madness

All right, there are a ton of crazy photos coming up. Are you ready?
I didn't think so. We'll start off light and build up. Just hold on!
We started Saturday with a nice trek through Venice Beach. Look, palm trees! Yay!
What you don't see is the crazy. Lots of crazy here. Also, lots of funky smells. Lots of tourists. Ahhh, the Venice boardwalk is like no other!
Here a crazy tree person on stilts (which brought them up to my height! Ha!) stopped and stared at me. Note to self: Less crack, more water.

After that we went to C&O Trattoria to celebrate Mom's birthday, and a ton of my friends came out to party:
My supercuz's Aliah & Gabriel came up from the OC to hang, and enjoy this pic, it's one of the last few nice ones in the set...
OK one more of me and Kirsten. Hey babe!

Ready for a lil crazy?
Here we see Raphael's very white hand reaching for Jenn's boob. Yeah, I don't know how to explain it either. Jeff didn't seem to mind, but Raphael did have to pay him $20 after.

"Don't grab my boobs with your white hand!"
Raph toasts to that.

Mom brought gag gifts for EVERYONE (seriously, enough for the entire restaurant just about):
Including a shiny new flowery bra for Jeff. This is a tradition started a few years back, and he rocks it every time. HAWT!
Sexy baby! Show off those big ol hooters! Rowr!
P.S. Yes, I am reaching in for a lil nip pinch... can you blame me?
Yay, a nice photo! Matt, Mike, and the always pretty Dao. Don't Dao and Mike look like a cute couple?
Mom and Aliah and I! Aww, cute! However to get this photo it took about 3 tries...
Mainly cuz we were laughing our asses off. :)

Paul got some rockin new glasses and decided to show them off:
Yeah, it's Facebook ready! Pretty hawt, P!
Matt also got some new glasses while Mike rocked his new grills. We'z street, ya'll!
Raph's all about the bling. Move over Kanye!
Gabe was trying out a new look too, I think it works for him.

At C&O ever hour or so they stop what they are doing and play That's Amore. It's so fun! All the waiters come out and toast you and everyone sings at the top of their lungs ('cept me, who hates when glass shatters and eardrums bleed):
Here I'm caught mid song, drinking......................... grape juice. Lots of grape juice.
Everyone sings better with bunny ears!
Good teeth and red noses tend to go with alcoholism.
Rock those glasses Mike! Is it me or does he look like a character from the 60's Batman show?
Yeah, it's sexytime.
Bunny ears and a fallen halo - I couldn't think of anything more appropriate!
Jeff made the plastic bunnies do all sorts of nasty things together. What's this "special hug" between the four bunnies all about?!?
This super dark photo is of Eddie Cibrian who was sitting behind us. See, you can't go anywhere without running into celebs!
Jennie was embarassed by Jeff's mating of the plastic bunnies, till she informed him "no you are don't it all wrong! Bend the other way!". Damn girl.
The waiters sang for Mom's bday! Note the kids on the left. It was pretty funny, we were wayy crazier and wild then the table of 17 year olds. lol They looked shocked, surprised, and then frightened as the night went on. :)
Oh bunnies.
Princess is not happy!
Peace out!
The whole gang outside! Quite the fun night. :) But it wasn't over yet, next we went on to Casa Escobar in the Marina for a night of dancing:
And Mom got noticed of course. Look at that chick's expression!
"Ya'll white folk are Cruiseazy... girl, work that shizz!"
I often pose with a neon hula hoop around my neck... LA STYLE!
Dad, Aliah, and Mom worked the dancefloor!
It was crowded, fun place! We did sorta stick out like a whore in church, but... no, wait, that's a terrible analogy. We stood out like... Paris in college. Paris in church? Wait, that's the same....
"Raise the roof ya'll!"
Doesn't it look like an elaborate crane setup was brought in to take that pic? Nope, just my Extendo-Arm(TM)!
Trent bought flowers for mom like three times. Seriously dude, way to make the rest of us look bad!

I found an interesting fact out that night:
My ass lines up with Jenn's boobs. Rowr.
Hey cuz! She and Gabe rocked the dance floor and he showed us the latin moves... it was impressive, and made me feel even more white! "Hip movement? What's that?"
I think Mom is practicing karate here with Gabe or something.
Half of Le Gang(TM)!
Mini family reunion!
Hey Matt! We have a running joke that I think he's short because he's 6 feet tall. I try not to rub it in... but hobbits do scare me.
The ladies survey the room from the couch... and talk sh** about their men. I know how that stuff goes down!
Raph and I give a "Holla!" to the camera, and Jeff looks ready to beat Raph up. I think he was still mad about the whole white-hand-boob-grab thing at dinner.
Confessions On A Dancefloor!
Dork On A Dancefloor! Notice Momz didn't leave the dancefloor....
She outdanced all of us! And is that white-guy finger pointing T? Wow...
Aww! Freaky man giant poses before crushing small villages.
T gave Mom a ring, and not to be outdone....
Matt proposed.
The spider ring wasn't my first choice, but you know, whatevs.

More glasses came out:
She's a swimmer ya'll.
T went all crazy and started attacking the 'bright flashes from the aliens', while David just stared at shiny objects. Yeah, fitting end to a great night!

It was a really fun day and nice to celebrate Mom's bday in style, made even better by all my amazing friends coming out to par-tay.

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