Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bad blogger!

I've been crazzzyyyy busy the last month and haven't had any time to blog... but things have been going great (other then getting sick again). Work has been intense, but no weekends, which is nice. I have been having a blast in LA! In the last month, I've gone to the Comedy Store and saw a bunch of awesome comics - it's in Hollywood and pretty much all the famous people play there. Carlos Mencia headlined the night I was there and he was freakin hilarious! Most of the other comedians were in movies or tv shows/etc. Pretty awesome to be a half hour drive from that!

I also saw Snow Patrol and Universal Studios amphitheatre... amazing show! Here are a few pics....
I heart Snow Patrol! The seats I got were awesome. Had to ebay them, but only paid about $20/ticket overprice. Not bad! Everything in LA sells out the first few hours it goes on sale.
The lighting was great!
This was awesome - there's a duet they do with Martha Wainright called "Set Fire To The 3rd Bar". The lead singer RANDOMLY picked this girl out of the audience after asking "Who knows the lyrics to Set Fire to the 3rd Bar?"... She actually came up and SANG IT WELL! Everyone was shocked and started cheering. The girl could sing! Of course... It is LA, so she was probably a singer/actress/etc. :)
Awesome show!! It was an amazing night.

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