Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Jane Lynch thinks I'm hot....

... and 20 other reasons I love LA.

So as I mentioned in the last post I've been insanely busy... but in a good way!

Last night a friend got us into Akbar, a veryyyy small comedy club in Hollywood. He knew the guys running the show, and we got there early - I was literally an arm's reach to all the comics. 8 comedians performed and 7 of them were awesome! It was so much fun! They had a raffle midway through and the winner was... Jane Lynch! How random/awesome! She's a great comedian/actress who's been in a TON of films/tv. I've been a fan since her stint on Weeds and 40 Year Old Virgin (as the crazy sexpot boss at the electronics store).
Check out her IMDB: Melanie Hutsell from Saturday Night Live showed up to play a Food Show Network character... it was hilarious! She made "deep fried butter chocolate lard sticks" for him. Hahaha

A trio comedy act came on, and this woman did date commercials for Ann Coulter... OMG I was DYING! It was so funny. She basically posed all sexy like and said stuff like "Do you hate anything that's not white? Do you wish you could nuke Iran right now and get it over with? Are you into hateful she-bitches with Hitler fetishes? Call me! I'm Ann Coulter. MmMMmmHH Yeah!!" LOL and it went on like that for awhile. The audience was roaring!

There were a bunch of comedians there to see the show and because it was the guy who organized it's birthday (Bruce). Margaret Cho headlined... she was awesome! Everyone was cracking up.

The whole evening was just great. My friend knew several of the comedians, and we got to talking to them... one of them brought Margaret over to say hi and meet us! I was like :D :) :D :)! I told her how I loved All American Girl when it was on ABC and missed it, she said she'd like to do a sitcom again. She was super friendly and so nice! We asked her for a picture and she was so cool about it. Awesome photo. :)
Oh, but it didn't end there... no sirreeee Bob! So as we were leaving I saw Jane Lynch standing outside talking to several of the other comedians. I walked over to her and apologized for bothering her, and asked for a photo. She was SO NICE! The conversation went like this:
D: I'm a big fan of yours, could I please take a quick photo with you?
JL: Oh of course!! Please. you are so handsome!
DL: *Dies* Wow thanks!
JL: *Fixes hair* I need to look good for this!
DL: *Laughing*
After we took the photo....
DL: I LOVED you on Weeds and 40 Year Old Virgin! You always crack me up! The character on Weeds was so awesome!
JL: Weeds... *thinking*
DL: The crazy personal trainer who kept calling Mary Louise Parker's character a SkinnyFat!
JL: OHH YES! Hahaha I remember that because it's on my actor reel!
JL: *Starts reciting lines from the character* You know what you are? You're a SkinnyFat! FatteeeMcFatFatFat McFatFat! SkinnyFat!!!!
DL: *Dieing*

So after the photo I ran off and was like "JANE LYNCH THINKS I'M HANDSOME!" *laughing*
Yes, there's some more reasons I love LA...

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Please keep up the posting. You've got a full time reader in Oregon who depends on your sunshine!