Sunday, October 09, 2005

It's time for a par-tay

B finally had a housewarming party for his condo Saturday - buying property in California is always a great reason to party.

Much fun was had, as you can tell from the pictures.

Some people just don't like the papparazzi.
Miss J in da hizzouse!
While this picture was taken, we were discussing the evolution of the modern human genetic pattern and it's effect on the Earth's rotation. And, whether or not Paris is a complete whore, or just a slight whore.

Half the people there were ex 3DO - how crazy is that? Shout out to A!

Pic of JJ taking pics for his blog... LOL!
Rumour has it JJ has a pic of me "Doing a Kate Moss" in the kitchen.... but I'm sure that's unfounded.


Jeff said...


btw, during the party i could have sworn i overheard D-Lo saying something along the lines of, "Nose Candy is so dandy and makes you randy."

not sure what that means. ;)

Darion said...

Lies! All lies!
I said Ally Sheedy is so handy and makes you feel sandy!