Wednesday, July 18, 2007

SD in the hizzy

So Ben, Jeff, Jenn, and Trin came up from SD to visit LA. They survived the 405 and we hooked up at an art show where some of our friends had their work on display; it was cool! Lots of comic book style art and many cool pieces. Somehow the entire crew from every Kevin Smith film was there... nobody seemed to exactly know why. LOL
Go figure! I wanted to say hi to Kevin but he bounced just before I got there, my darn day job keeps me so busy I miss the celebs! Boo! ;)

Lots of cool pieces of art - I like the horns someone so kindly interjected in my photo. No, sir, YOU ROCK.
Look crowded? It is. It was also 120 degrees inside. It felt like Comic Con, but with less nerds and more females.
I love all the great artwork but it makes me wish I could draw something other then stick figures! Boo!
You got me.

They had a projector playing old movies on the side of the building... pretty funny.
At one point a crazy long haired guy in a bathrobe climbed up a ladder, and put a cardboard box over this lamp. It was a little bizarre.
Later, we saw him walking down the street wheeling a generator and carrying a can of gas... he was like Handyman Crazy.
Jason Mewes! See kids, he was into rehab before it was all fashionable... really.
Trinity was visiting from Iowa! After she got past the initial shock of the lack of cows & corn, she adjusted quite well!
Yes, that is a true, un-acted look of shock on my face... Jenn totally licked my ear as we were posing for the photo! Right in front of her husband!!! What is the world coming to?

We did a nice photo after - she only grabbed my ass.
Yes, my shirt says SoCal so in case I forgot where I am, I can just look down!

RUMOUR: Darion hooked up with a scary alien chick at the afterparty.
Truth: FALSE!
Borg women are largely misunderstood.
Add this pic to the file of reasons I will never run a political campaign.


So after fooling around with Borgs & seeing lotsa art, we went to dinner at Brasserie Vert, the Wolfgang Puck restaurant in the Hollywood & Highland center. It is so tasty there! I totally heart it.

We then had to take Trin to the Kwik E Mart of course... she even found a great item I missed!
Yup, that's the 'old guy' from the senior center frozen next to the ice! LOL!
They were selling so many pink donuts! There was even a line outside the store still.
Ben was kind enough to bring us T-Shirts from his website, and I will officially say they ROCK!
Yup, that is indeed my version of "Blue Steel". Thanks Zoolander!

This, of course, would be "Magnum". I dunno if Jeff is aiming for Mugatu here but it'd be cool if he was.
I miss my SD crew! :( But it's great they are only a few hours away!
It's a busy ass week, I have stuff happening every single night and work is crazy... but I wouldn't have it any other way!

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