Sunday, July 01, 2007

White Party 2007 - it's not what you think.

So it was another fantastic LA weekend. On Friday I had big plans to go out - however one thing led to another and my couch was calling, and my body answered. I crashed out and had a quiet evening and became one with the telly.
Saturday Kirst and I went to a White Party. (Jeff & Ben, please leave the racist-Darion jokes in the comments field, you know you want to)

It's just a party where everyone has to wear white. The great thing is, I told Mom about it on the phone, and there was a bit of silence followed by a very concerned "A WHITE party?". Bless her heart, I could just hear the 26 years of trying to teach me that everyone is equal and not to see race or color flashing before her eyes. LOL! I was like "No, Mom, it's just a party where everyone wears white." She sounded instantly relieved. LOL

There were some nice sunsets happening - of course the party took place on the roof, like all good Venice parties. Inside is so not cool.
Awww! We look almost angelic!
White! The guy in the plaid kinda cheaped out, I know.
The most popular guest at the party was a giant light up gnome... he was hilarious! Everyone was taking photos with it. By the end of the night, the things that poor lil gnome had seen.... I'm sure he's in rehab right now.
See, and here you thought I was kidding!
Ashley makes a guest starring appearance, and I give my best creepy Tom-Cruise-I-Am-Smiling-But-I-Will-F***-You-Up eyes. Seriously, I look like a freaking stalker.
Or a Scientologist.
Same diff.
Jarad & Kirsten posing for the papparazzi.
NO! This party is my blog territory, beeeeyotch!
Kidding - it's the birthday girl! Happy Birthday Anais'!!
We had our own band! WOO! See the lil gnome also doubled as a light for the music notes... you go lil gnomey!
"Want some bubbles? You know you do!"
I thought this was a totally cute photo of me, Kirst, and Jonathan until Kirst pointed out it looks like a creepy ass white power photo with all the light hair and blue eyes.
Thanks for ruining all my fun photos!
Who knew everyone had white pants?
I like this photo cuz the guy in the background looks like a creepy beach bum version of Santa. Hey, everyone has a holiday, right?
ZOMG CAKE! Everyone get a photo! AHHHHH!

"It's my cake, bitches! MINE! MINE!"
Just kidding, she actually shared.

Sunday Kirst and I met up with our new BFF's Trent & Mike to see Sicko at the Arclight (best theater ever!) and hang out for a bit.

WOW. Sicko was a roller coaster - funny, brilliant, sad, teary, depressing, sick, eye opening, laugh out loud outrageous... it's an incredible film. No matter your view of Michael Moore (he's barely in it), your view of politics/etc - you must see this film. It's an incredible look at how the USA deals with healthcare VS the majority of the rest of the world. There's several moments in the film where I was like :O :O :O. The whole audience was engaged and clapped at several times.... it's so poignant. Recommended!

After we had some dee-lish food at Bird's and chilled out for a bit - great times! Pics enroute!

It's back to work and then I'm off home to Oregon, YAEEEE! Goodbye concrete jungle, hello nature!

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