Monday, July 02, 2007

Springfield, Los Angeles - Population: Me

I met the gang for dinner tonight at Versailles, which is AWESOME cuban food. So yummy! After stuffing my face (seriously, I grossed the people out at the table next to us with the sheer amount of food I shoveled), we decided do what every group of professional, hard working career minded 20-30 somethings does on a Monday night....

Go hang at the neighborhood 7-11! WOO! I know, you are so jealous of my ROCKSTAR lifestyle.

Of course, being Los Angeles, this was no ordinary 7-11. It was a Kwik-E-Mart from The Simpsons!

They did the full makeover! It was so awesome, they actually had a huge line, and a security guard - and a wait just to get in! The entire store was painted and transformed. Best marketing idea ever!

After the excitement of seeing the outside of the store transformed, we started looking around to see what else had changed.
Unfortunately, it was still cement-y Los Angeles. I thought I saw a racoon - but it was just a big rat.

I am kinda hoping they just keep the Simpsons theme year round. It made the whole place WAY more entertaining.
OK, I'm not one to start shizz, but Marge was totally checking this guy out. Poor Homer... after 18 years of public marriage!

The very beautiful and talented Angela turns ... 25... 19.... 17.... Fetus... tomorrow! ;)
You rock Ang! Happy Birthday!!! I'll meet you at the Kwik-E-Mart (or Azusa) anytime you want!

I bought two boxes of Krusty O's "The best cereal you could expect from a TV clown" but didn't buy any Buzz cola....
There were signs all over - it was awesome! Jules was like a kid in a candy store - which, we sorta were kids in a candy store...
"First Bank of Springfield - Misplacing decimal points since 194.5 - $2.50 Sign Reading Fee"
I am SO seeing this movie!

Stupid Ralph Wiggum stole my stupid juicy pop!
Poor Ang. Ever since she got off the medication, she goes after everyone's baby. Maggie was up there, and well, after we laughed and pointed at her for 10 minutes... we did the friendly thing and... we got bored and walked away.Squishee anyone?
LOVE the signs!
Apu was friendly as always. The great thing is, all the store employees were dressed in the Kwik-E-Mart uniforms! They even had a girl at the door saying "Thank you, come again."
After I chipped a tooth and took a bite of the donut, I realized I would have some 'splainin to do - my dentist THOUGHT he's heard it all. Vince is truly the brains of the operation.
Ang thought a kiss would get her a donut.
You see, Ang, you can't get *everything* you want with a kiss.
"You did NOT take the last two 72 Hour Dogs Homer. Seriously. This is getting old."
"ZOMG! I totally love you! You're the funny man on TV! The glowy box with the pretty pictures! LOVE LOVE LOVE you! Tee-hee, you're kinda shiny and plasticky - that reminds me of an actor I dated..."

After dinner and the Simpsons tour, I met up with Cameron for some frozen yogurt (Pinkberry, stupid liquid crack) and a nice walk out in the beautiful summer weather. I'm gonna do some crazed last minute packing and then I'm off to bed, work, and then HOME! WOO!

I promised more pics from Sunday, so here you go - the sad thing is, for the first time ever, I...
Botched my one-handed group pic.
I know, it's a first, even for me - but I can safely blame it on foreign hardware. I am still ashamed. Trent's camera wasn't used to me, I wasn't used to it - big awkard mess. Ironically, I cut myself out of the photo. Dork.

See? Yeah, I know....
His version came out much better - I swear I shall redeem myself with my Canon SD800!
Great pic! It's always cool to meet smart, funny, intelligent, great people. Unfortch for Trent and Mike, we are none of the above, but hey.
I had to end with this - I think it's one of my alltime favorite pics. This picture is way funnier then anything I could possibly think to write. :) I think I'm gonna have to frame this one!

So as I get ready to head home, I realize I've been living in LA for less then a year, and how truly blessed I am to have such amazing, intelligent, funny and wonderful friends, a fantastic job that I actually look forward to going to (well except on Mondays), and a great action-packed fun life.
Happy 4th everyone! Cheers!

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