Friday, August 12, 2005

Kauai: Why the f*** did I leave?

I went to Kauai Hawaii at the end of May before work got crazy. It was soooo beautiful. Here's what it looks like after you've spent a day hiking to waterfalls from Jurassic Park. This is the view you get when you stop on the two lane highway that covers the whole island... sigh. It's called Waimea Canyon, and I <3> I drove an ATV and literally 'tore up' the mountain. They put me in the back so I went really fast - which is great when you are going up and down mountainsides on a ranch.
Yes, I actually took this picture. It's so goddamn pretty, I know. The water is really that blue. And, sometimes golden mermaids emerge from the ocean to bring you chilled Mojitos and pizza. Well, not really.
Why the bleep did I leave?

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