Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Movies galore

I found time to catch two movies over the weekend...
First up, I saw Red Eye, starring the new America's Sweetheart Rachel McAdams, who does a great job, and Cillian Murphy of Batman Begins (Scarecrow). They were excellent in the flick, I found it very entertaining. It's Wes Craven's first flick outside of Dimension in a long time, and I found the script to be very well written. The supporting cast outside of Rachel & Cillian kind of sucked... lol

Next up I saw The 40 Year Old Virgin with J&J. It was pretty damn funny. Very graphic, very extreme, very freaking funny. By far the funniest movie I've seen all year. It was cool seeing a movie with no big stars/knowns in it, just a great script, very creative and original. My fav scene: Definitely the drunk chick in the PT Cruiser. :) I could barely breathe... Definitely recommended, be warned it's pretty vulgar and graphic... think American Pie for 30 year olds. ;)

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s said...

yay you're updating again! 40 YO virgin was quite funny.