Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Time For Babies

My super-fab sister Damien flew in today to visit! As you may or may not have heard, she's five months pregnant! Yes, it's all quite exciting - I'm gonna be a freaking uncle!

Anyways, we had a fun easy day, starting with Rock Band:
We formed the band Spirulina - based on this horrible nasty vitamin seaweed mixture our mom used to make us take - she was Puma, the punky pregs rocker from Berlin, and I was Maynard, the angry goth emo rocker who rebelled against the world (cuz his name is Maynard for God's sake).
We went on a world tour, and I'm not one to brag, but Spirulina ROCKED that shizz!

Damien was going on and onnn about being pregnant, so I decided to do the right thing and try out the whole pregnancy - especially since it's all the rage in Hollywood right now:
Christ, my back hurts already. I dunno how you people do it. But seriously, I've learned SO MUCH about pregs people. For example, they LOVE food:
No really. If you try to take it away, they kinda bite your hand that requires 12 stitches at the nearest ER.
Preggers people also love ice cream.
They also tend to throw up at the mention of certain foods or smells, like pickled cucumbers or Oprah ass sweat (it's a smell, people).

After awhile I decided being pregs sucks:
"I can't touch my goddamn toes!"
"Oh I shouldn't have eaten that last Hobbit..."
"Grand Theft PREGNANT, bitches!"
"Lamoz class sucks!"
Preggers people tend to do things if they have a goal - like food within reaching distance.

After all that hard work I took a wine break:
It rested nicely on my baby bump. Eat that, Brangelina!

After a day of Rock Bands, baby yoga, and eating, we met Kirsten for dinner at Chan Dara Thai:
And saw a super happy dog on the way!

It was tastyyyy! I think I ate enough to look pregs. Hawt.Fun times! We have a great weekend planned and lord knows I'll probably bust out with the pregs pillow again. Cuz that's how the family rolls, dawg.

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