Sunday, May 04, 2008

New York State Of Mind

WOW What a whirlwind the last few days have been! I LOVE NYC! It's been such a great trip and I am so glad to have this experience especially at this time in my life. David and Trent have been amazing hosts and it's been such a blast! I've taken a TON of pics so here is everything from Friday.

On with the photos!
I'm staying with the West Village, which is awesome because I swear basically everything is within a 1 mile walk! Or a 5-10 min ride on the Subway. NO sitting in traffic! LOVES IT!
You see a few parking lots/areas, but no one really seems to have a car. It's $300+ a month to rent a parking space.

I met my friend Oz for lunch which was a blast, he showed me around, got me used to the Subway, and showed me the sights. First up was Forbidden Planet, a huge comic book shop...
Tons of stuff! One of the guys in there was a bit odd....
He kept looking around nervously saying "I vaaant to izzcape ze villagers...." meh.

Union Square! There were tons of little shops around outside... ehrr not in the photo.
It was great catching up with Oz, it had been a few years! After a dee-lish lunch I walked a few miles around Soho and Broadway and took in the sights...

I love the architecture! Of course everything is older then LA and has a cool feel to it, plus it's all built up SO HIGH!
I went to the ORIGINAL RH Macy's store, where they filmed Miracle on 34th Street! It was so cool.
There are TONS of stores down Broadway and about a kojillion people everywhere. Opposite of LA! TONS of foot traffic, not much street traffic.
Subway musicians! They actually sounded pretty good.

Note my very helpful finger pointing to where I am. Ain't I useful?
In the crowd! Holla! I met up with Matt who literally moved to NY the day before I fly in. Small world! :)
Did I mention there's a lot of street traffic? I'm now an expert crowd surfer.
Oh, and Macy's features FOUR FLOORS of Men's clothing. Uh huh. Crazy.
It's shoe paradise! I think there was almost a floor full of Men's shoes.
NYC is really pretty, most of the areas I've been in have been clean and well kept up.
Walking around I recognized so many spots from films. :)

Sadly there are a lot of homeless missing arms and limbs, I ran into a nice Italian fellow who recently lost his arm:
He seemed happy but I was a little shocked at seeing his stub.
All playgrounds and stuff are fenced in. It's like prison, only with less tattoos.
Going through the Subway is fun, here in grand central you see it's like a mall, there's tons of food, snacks, etc etc.
The Desalvio LAYGROUND - where Desalvio gets laid. I can't make this stuff up.

Matt and I ate at Lombardi's Pizza near Soho which was DEELISH! It's the OLDEST pizza joint in the USA as it was built in 1905. So good!
It's great, I've been eating everything in sight and it just disappears because you WALK EVERYWHERE! :)

For dessert we swung by a new dessert place:
Rice to Riches, a rice pudding store!
They had a gazillion flavors... very different then the usual ice cream place!
And they had the funniest signs. :)

I walked to The Empire State Building next to see the sights, but it was too foggy to go up so I'm going to try and do it tomorrow....
It was however gorgeous from outside! It's sights like these that had me singing New York, Newwww YORRRKKK randomly. Funnily, no one seemed scared of me.
The clothing shops stay open lateee (this shot is for Mom!). We hit Marc Jacobs at 10:00 on a Sunday, for example! NY people are pretty fashionable and lurve their clothing.

Next up was Times Square where I did a quick interview with an old friend:

Dave is so funny, altho I often find myself wishing Paul Schaffer would choke on that horn and keel over.
OK, Times Square is ridic. It goes on for blockssss down Broadway, is super touristy, very bright and loud, and crazy. It's kinda like Vegas but with less drunkeness.
The Toys R Us is HUGE and has a Ferris Wheel INSIDE!
So bright!
Walking around is great, but there are trash dumps in the street EVERYWHERE. It's bagged but.... still kinda nasssty.
You also run into the most random people, like Miss NY Curtain Dress or something.

Matt and I caught up with Trent and David and then went to a bar named Barracuda and then on to another fun club called Splash:
Had a great time! There I met a ton of people from all over the world, including a lovely young woman visiting from Amsterdam with her bro and bf! Cyrina rocks and is also a blogger! Check out She was a great dancer and was definitely the belle of the ball, and was a lot of fun to talk to. She was also a fan of Trent's blog - small world!
It was a fantastic day! Much more to come... :)


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all people in comic book stores are weird... akward.

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ny rules!

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