Thursday, May 08, 2008

Pics And The City

Well I made it back safe and sound from NYC. I had such a great time! Trent and David were SO kind to host me and I really had a blast. So now I find myself with a ton of pics and not enough time to blog... but here we go!

Saturday was SO FUN! Trent heard about the Murakami exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, so we hit that up as well as seeing the Cherry Blossom Festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden next door... got some great pics, check it out:Murakami does some CRAZY amounts of merchandising. TONS of stuff!
3D Boobies! Cool anime chicks abound. They were completely anatomically correct... ahem... yeah.
Update: My friend Chris L nearly killed me with this response to this pic:

Also, nice anime chick armor. You can tell a geek designed it.

"Umm… let’s see, she needs metallic armor to defend against explosives… umm… but I want to see her midrift… and her legs… and her boobs… ah, perfect."

Transforming anime chicks = hot tranny mess.
The art was pretty cool, some of the pieces were huge!
DoB, bitches!
"STOP! In the name of love..." Homeboy's got a fascination with mushrooms. Too much Mario?
T with one of his many fans, she was really nice!
They even decorated the floors on some of the exhibits and some of the walls with his art. Way cool.
And of course, merchandising! Murakami was hired by Louis Vuitton/Marc Jacobs and so they had an actual LV store there IN THE EXHIBIT.... where you could buy stuff. And 3 people working! lololol
Goofy smiles and flowers = it's like Japanese woodstock in Brooklyn!

After seeing the art we went over to check out the cherry blossoms:
I lurve my Canon SD800. Colors soooo sharp. :)
"Oprah, what kind of tree are you?"
"Girlfriend, I'm a weepin' willow.... boooo hoooo"
Sorry, that random quote from the Looney Tunes movie from the 90's came into my head.
I know, you are probably thinking "WTF where are my cherry blossoms D-Lizzle?!?!"... here they are!
Weeeeeeeeee pretty!

Wait, you wanted more crazy Japanese art?
BAM! ... No, wait, these are just cosplayers! I love cosplay. They always make me smile. Or laugh. Or stare. Or all of the above.
These two girls were making out something fierce. Like full on French-Japanese kissing. WOO!
OK SO: I see lots of blossoms, everywhere, but no cherries. False advertising much?
Ooooh, I get so artsy with my camera. You can quote me.
Tulips! Cuz there's more to the botanical garden then just cherry ... dammit... blossoms.
"JFC that's a big tree."
- Things overhead while walking. *
*By overheard, I mean in my head.
They had performers and shizz, they were all pretty good. According to my friend Mr. Sake.
Yeah, it was pretty. :)
David & Trent were the best hosts! :) How cute is this pic?
Homegirl seemed kinda lost; and yet, very much at home.
Flower power! Rise above those tulips, baby!
"I'm in bloom, bitches!"
Lurve the architecture of the greenhouse, there was a wedding on and they had the inside all set up... nice!
Queen of the Night was my fav flower. What does that say about me?
Pretty wedding couple!
Pretty flowers next to tall white dork!
Ooooooh artsy again! No fartsy.
Me: Nice fan.
Her: GAZRHILLAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! (runs away screaming)
This is another cute photo, really, cherry blossoms pretty much rule.
Thanks to T for the great idea for this photo... and yes, I AM making a cherry blossom snow angel. Don't ask, but really; when will I ever get the chance to do that again?
We had an amazing time and I have many great memories from that day. :)

After the cherry blossoms it was on to David's friend Kurt's house for a night of board gaming, which was really fun! On the way I learned even more things about the subway, like:
It's a great place to take a nap! Drop that chin and drool, girl!
Chinatown looks cool in every city!
Churches pretty much always rock. Well, visually anyways. :)
Side note: Did I mention everywhere you go, there's a bazillion people out on the streets?
Yeah, and this pic is dark but:
Even at 3am there's a ton of people out. I love it!
"I'm the board game God!"
"Wait, Darion's here? Shizz, we may as well give up now."
"OMG Darion sucks at this! hahaha!"
It was a great Saturday, we hit a few clubs after and had a blast, David's friend's were all incredibly cool and fun to hang out with and everyone welcomed me with open arms (and often alcohol!). FUN!
More to come...

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