Friday, May 02, 2008

MADE In Manhattan

WOOOOOO! I finally made it to NYC for the first time - EVER! The incredibly generous David & Trent are hosting me while I get to experience the wonders of Manhattan!

My trip started off at LAX where I ran into two hot girls - well, one hot girl and one green girl - who were whispering some MAD shizz . I joined in the fun:If these walls could talk....

The flight in was pretty easy even though I was on United (bleeecchhh) and then the ride into the city was pretty cool. After seeing NYC sooooo many times in movies it was great to see it was just like I expected! TONS of people are out and about all hours of the night, the traffic noises (and cabs honking), the wet pavement from the rain.... it's great!
The one thing you can't really get from the movies is the energy of the city. It's sooo cool!

We had some dee-lish Asian food for dinner and then it was off to catch Iron Man:
Only this big green dude sorta sidetracked that. "Ehrrr, what? Well MAYBE I would like you when you are upset! Jeeze, cranky..."
Someone's been eating their Wheaties!
Iron Man ROCKS! It was so well done. Great build up, GREAT CG (ILM is incredible), great casting, slightly cheesy but very fun ending, all in all a GREAT kick off to the summer film madness. I really enjoyed it and would say it's in my top 3 comic book films (with X Men and Spider Man).

We felt the poster was lacking something, so....
I'll never forgive Robert Downey for stealing that role from me. NEXT TIME, DOWNEY! NEXT TIMEEEEE!
Unfortch all of Trent's scenes fell on the cutting room floor.... watch for them on the DVD!
I'm off to see my friend Oz who I haven't seen in several years, and then explore the city - should be an amazing trip! .... No, it already is. :)


s said...

come visit me!

also more city pics yo.

JaG said...

Hey Darion!! It was soo nice to meet you last night!! I had a great time! Today was less fun though, I was VERY hung over and sick :-(

I'll read some more of your posts soon!! Your blog looks cool!