Monday, May 26, 2008

California Dreamin' - Memorial Style

Damien's Memorial Day visit was a blast! Things continued on Friday with a morning walk down Venice Beach, where we saw a dude asking for money for pot (classy) using a trash can in a unique way (even classier):
Yep, only the finest for my sister!
We later met up with Julie, Vince, Robb, and Tanya for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Blech, that was a lot to type.
The movie is cheesy fun, turn off your brain and don't think about it after or you'll wonder why you saw it. :)

We went shopping Friday and then took it easy that night and got pizzas - yum!
Saturday we went to the OC to visit my cousins Aliah & Gabe, and Donovan who flew in from Kansas, and Aliah's friend Sheila! It was a great day. They greeted us at the door with pillows to show pregnancy sympathy for Damien, it was great!
Aliah & Gabe's bunnies welcomed us with a special hug:
Awww so cute. .... No... wait... WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?
OMFG! Bunny love right on her porch! Dayumn girl! I guess that's how her bunnies roll. The best part; They are two girl bunnies! Go lesbian rabbit action! Hawt!

We walked around Laguna Beach: The Real OC for a bit, hit the beach, got gelato, and other sweets:
It was fun! Aliah showed off her bling bling platinum ring like a Real Housewife would:
Not gaudy at all!
We also hit the candy emporium to OD on buckets of candy:
Yeah, I threw up a lil bit. In the bucket.

A & G made an amazing dinner and it was great partying in their new home, and Aliah had the best napkins:
"It's 5:00 somewhere!" YEP, Made FOR her!
Cousin powers ACTIVATE!

We played a game of guys VS girls Outburst after dinner, where the guys CRUSHED the girls and made many jokes along the way.
"Hahaha girls have cooties!"
"Why do we even allow you to vote?"
"OMG no I didn't!"
"Sleeping. On. Couch. Forever."
Poor Gabriel.

Guys, however, still rule:
The girls were sad:
But alcohol seemed to help things (except Damien!):
Because the Karaoke machine came out! And our ears were never the same again.
"Girls just wanna have fun"
"I just wish I was deaf"
P.S. Bonus points to Donovan for the almost-stalker-eyes in the background.
Being that it was a joint bday party for yours truly and Aliah, she got an awesome Tiramisu cake:
Happy Birthday Bitches!
That's a LOT of candles. I'm .. uhm... turning like 15. Aliah's like .... 16.
Ready set BLOW! Lots of candles = lots of smoke. ... the candles were for our combined ages, people. 25.

We opened some gifts last...
"Camisoles! OMFG!"
"Stationary! OMFG!"
"Personalized cups! OMFGFGOFOMOSFHGSODKFWONEKF!" Figure that one out.
It was a fantastic day and we all had a blast! Fun times and a great family day - so rare for us to all be together. :)

A&G unfortunately had a BIG fight the next day at the theater. She was hit on by a big hulking slightly green guy, and she brushed up against his abs:
"Mommy like."

I hear things are fine now, but apparently the green guy still has a hard time walking.

Sunday we went with Vince to Chinatown to see the sights:
Which included noshing on Boba tea... oohhhhhh slimy goodness!
Seeing the shiny shoe emporium, which had things like "LEE VUITTON" shoes and "BOBO" knockoffs.... lolololol
It was fun to bonk around! I heart Chinatown!

Next up was Olvera St. where we overate a ton of Mexican food at La Golondrina:
Julie, Angela, and my new friend Yasmin joined us to consume mass quantities. I had a margarita that was like 90% tequila. Burp.

Lastly we went to Casa de Sousa to see my amazingly talented friend Karina perform Flamenco dancing with an incredible band:
The singers and musicians were amazing, I felt like I was in a private concert in Spain for two hours.
W00t! We likey.
Karina is an amazing dancer and a sight to behold when she performs. Everyone was in awe.
Being gorgeous doesn't hurt either. :)
The other Flamenco dancer was talented as well (but Karina truly rocked it!).
Great job everyone!
If you get a chance to go see Flamenco dancing with live music - GO! Thanks Karina!!

Today was Damien's last day here.... :( We hit the beach first for a nice Memorial Day walk:
GREAT weather!!
The lifeguards were out in force, but not many peeps in the ocean - it was COLD. By SoCal standards anyways. :)
And not very crowded - by SoCal standards. ;)
Hope you all had a great Memorial Day! Peace outttttttttttttttt

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