Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ta-Hoe with it

Thanks to Blogger's new Video Upload option, I can share videos from my trips! W00T!!
First up we have a fun view of a vista from Tahoe with a great wide shot of the lake:

Special guest stars Robb, Tanya, and Kirst! Watch out for the HORROR ENDING! OOOOH!

Next, we have the main event - The ceremony! Cassie, Vince's sister, reads a bit, while Ang looks like a Supah-model with the sun setting in the background and Reed thinks about the dance moves he's using later that night...

And then, the final words - and THE KISS!

Then, my favs - dancing videos! Yes, these are live on the dancefloor. First, me and the very lovely Ashley in what looks like a clip from a Will Ferrell movie....

Then one of my fav videos ever - and I have to thank the lovely Ang for co-starring in my first music video! I laughed my arse off the first 10 times I watched this... it kills me!


Yeah..... isn't it a miracle I'm single? LOL

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