Saturday, September 01, 2007


Work has kicked up a bit more this week and kept me pretty busy - but I did manage to make it out and have some fun times! On Wednesday night I met up with Aliah, Kirst, Paul, and Matt for dinner at Basix cafe followed by Bitchy Bingo at Hamburger Mary's - it was so funny! We were cracking up, it's a wild and crazy evening to say the least.

Aliah had the week off and I made the mistake of introducing her to Crossroads - a discount clothing store in LA that specializes in second hand brand name clothes that are super cheap.
Long story short - she spent FOUR HOURS shopping for clothes at ONE store! I've created a monster!
Fortunately, she looked amazing (monster fashionista?) and found an entirely new wardrobe for like $100. :)

Kirst was our Luck Sucker (TM) and ended up winning twice at Bingo - none of us were able to win. We were happy for her (and happily threw our discarded, losing bingo tickets as hard as we could - in her general direction).

It kinda looks like we were on the set of Beetlejuice's Love Palace, doesn't it?
Yeah, it does.

On Friday the whole gang got together to see Matt's amazing new musical called:
Invasion! The Musical.

He did an amazing job in it as Father Riley and EVERYONE in our group loved it. Honestly, I was really impressed. They are playing at the Hudson Backstage theater right now in Hollywood and I could easily see them in a much bigger venue. The entire show is very well produced, incredibly creative, very well written, and the performances are fantastic.
Every single actor nailed their part - and they were all great singers!

The show is a bit - hmmm... racy? I hesitate to use the word "offensive" because it's an equal opportunity offender - they LITERALLY make fun of EVERYONE. It's awesome! We were all cracking up. You definitely have to go in with an open mind - and then sit back and enjoy and laugh your ass off. I'm going to see it again before it ends, it's so funny!
Aliah & Gabriel came up to enjoy the show and looked all stylish - see, Gabriel's even giving the "Yup, that's MY WIFE, bitches" look to everyone.

Matt's parents Gary and Lauren were visiting and were incredibly nice - and I hereby nominate them as the 2nd coolest parents in the world (after my own of course) considering they loved the whole show and were incredibly supportive of Matt and all his hard work! We went to Akbar for a few drinks after...
Trent & his camera are known to entertain Aussies and Wyoming-ian's alike.
P.S. Love his shirt.

"I ROCKED THE HIZZOUSE YA'LL!""Uh oh! Extendo arm reach-over-shoulder-camera-shot!"

We don't look very drunk in this photo.
We are actors.
Hear us roar.
As you know I have an unhealthy love of celebrity, and it came into play when I realized Matt is basically famous. They blocked my shots after awhile, but luckily Kirst was there to save me and catch them unawares.
Paul looks 12 in this photo, and I look 12....
plus 14 or so.
Mike and Kirst were all huggy all night. Trent is totally giving me the "I think they are hooking up right now" look.
Gary was kind enough to buy us all drinks - which I'm sure he regretted by the end of the evening. ;)
OK, you two, seriously. Get a room. Sheesh.


I'm trying to come up with a good nickname for us - I was going to go with Fantastic Four but that just reminds me of Jessica Alba with a terrible dye job.
Happy Labor Day everyone!

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