Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fixty Six Years Ago

Fifty-six years ago today a very special man was born in Olpe, Kansas.
As a young boy he loved playing outdoors, and was in the middle of seven (!!) children.
He was known for many things, including a love of cats - I've heard rumours of him being the pied piper of Olpe with his many cats that would follow him everywhere.
He was also featured in the town Gazette for growing a sunflower bigger then his head!
He also had a crazy aunt - literally - who loved to yell "HEY YOU! Come and get it!" provocatively at passers-by.
He had many tin toys, which many years later he made the unfortunate mistake of giving them to his young children - they didn't last very long in the presence of toddlers.
As a young man he went to a Catholic seminary, followed by college at K-State where he put himself through college - earning a PHD in Psychology. (Editor's note: I'm convinced he did this so he could make everyone call him "Doctor")

He worked at Pizza hut and had an Indian motorcycle - which he loved to take long rides down the highway on.
It was at K-State that he met his beautiful wife. They married shortly thereafter, started their own business, and had two children!

This man then moved his family to Oregon, where he and his wife decided to raise their family somewhat unconventionally - surrounded by trees and miles from the nearest town! And, despite many arguments about math (Sorry!), they homeschooled both children.
Today is this man's birthday, who I'm very proud to say is my father.

Dad, you are an amazing person and I do know how lucky I am to have you as my father.



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