Sunday, September 30, 2007

Arrrr! A pirate BAR!

Been meaning to blog these for awhile, but I've been crazy busy... last week the wifey and I met up to see Camelot, starring Lou Diamond Phillips at the UCLA theater (beautiful campus btw):
And a very nice theater.
It was fun but the script was sooo dated! It was like watching an old disney movie. lol The actors were fantastic and they were great singers, but it badly needed an update from it's 60's dialogue. :)

Last Saturday I met up with Cameron to see the last (sniff) Saturday show of Invasion! The Musical...
And luckily he enjoyed it (altho did point out that I'm very much going to hell for laughing at all the jokes. ;). I loved it the second time and I'm sad the show is coming to an end!

Matt was fantastic in it as always and we went to a cast party after to hang for a bit, then went to check out R Bar in Koreatown - a, get this, Pirate themed bar.

You go up to a non-labeled big red door, knock, and they slide the eyehole open and ask you the password...
We didn't know the password so the doorman was nice enough to ask us some Karate Kid trivia (and give us hints, my brain was dead!).
The inside was super cool:

And it was a funny mix of goths/asians/everything else.
I dunno WTF that is but I want it!

Yeah, only in LA. :)
More soon!

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Benja said... one told me Six Flags was the place to be. See what San Diego does to a brotha!