Thursday, September 13, 2007

A River Ran Through It

This last week was one helluva time! I am working on a mega-post-update of the amazing wedding for Vince & Julie in Tahoe... in the meantime, here's some of the other fun stuff I was up to!

On Tuesday Matt had Paul, Matthew, and myself over for his 1 year anniversary party (of being in LA) - congrats Matt!
Dear Miss Manners: My friend has been in LA for one year. What's the proper gift? Paper? Plastic? A smog mask? A Homeless-OFF! spray kit? A "I did crack with Lindsay at the Chateau Marmont" T-shirt?

Matt's apartment was really nice and he had it all pimped out!
Nothing says PAR-TAY like red cups!
He even cooked a ton of food - and I'm not even kidding - it was incredible! Seriously amazing food. I accused him of having it catered and hiding the boxes... he claimed he cooked it... but I still have my doubts!

I met Paul, Kirst, and Trent for dinner at Baja Cantina in Venice on Wednesday, which was great fun. I think Trent may have been having a bad day because he decided to order a margarita big enough to get the entire city of Venice drunk:
That's un-photoshopped, people.

Paul got a Mega-Margarita of his own - LOOK AT THAT THING!

It's bigger then Kirst's head! Insanity!

A few margaritas and a bunch of Mexican food later, we were off for drinks on Abbot Kinney...

Mike met us for drinks after dinner and he and Kirst proceeded to make out. *
*That's a lie.


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