Sunday, September 09, 2007

HBD P-town!

Another crazy busy week and weekend... but that's LA life! Did some fun stuff this week, including the LA premiere of December Boys which my lovely Kirst brought me to...
It's the new Daniel Radcliffe movie, and was directed by a friend of Kirsten's. She knows all the Aussies - I'm going to start calling her a member of the Dingo Mafia.
Trent came as well and we got seats right next to the ones blocked off for Harry Pot... I mean Daniel R. Daniel came up to intro the film, and as he walked by I think my jaw dropped - he's SO TINY! He's like a lil hobbit. He must weigh like 80 pounds - and he's so teeny! Unfortch right after that he left with his entourage and didn't stay after to meet people. :( BOO!
So instead I got the next best thing - a photo with him on set. Ahem. Just take off your glasses and squint!

Everyone was talking like Kirsten - it was a little unnerving hearing all the Aussie accents. I felt like a foreigner! :D

Last night I met up with Paul, Mike, and a bunch of Paul's peeps to wish him a Happy Birthday! Paul turned 20-something (I told everyone at the bar a different age, in the hopes of instigating a fight over people disagreeing on his age... it didn't work) and we started the night out at Home restaurant in Los Feliz... it was great food and you feel like you are eating in Peter Pan's treehouse! But with alcohol. And grown ups. OK, it's not like that at all.

Chocolate bday cake = a requirement. Doesn't this look like an ad for TGI Friday's?
Ryan, Mike's sister Jill, Steve, Jesse, and Pedro came out to celebrate!
We went to Akbar after to dance the night away....

Matt joined us and the proceeded to get a girlfriend on the dancefloor....
And by the bathroom.....
And again on the dancefloor.... he's a player ya'll.
Jill was visiting from Florida and was a lot of fun to hang out with, altho I was hoping for more sibling rivalry with her and Mike - that's where you get the juiciest stories (to blog, of course).
I'm practicing my Jim Carrey face here - but unlike him, I'll quit when I turn 40. Let it die Jim.

Paul turns twenty-***! WOOOOOOOOOOOOT!

Jesse was rockin the red suspenders which everyone insisted on pulling and snapping all night... good stuff.I'm pretty sure we were making this face because they were playing a crappy song or something. It was a strange mix of music, they actually played Riders In The Sky at one point, then some Kylie, then some 70's crazyness... Akbar rules!

Nothing's going on here. Nothing. We were talking about church.
Tara insisted on a dance, and thusly there was a dance.
"It's my bday bee-yotches! Hollaaaaaaaaa!"
I have no clue what's going on here but apparently the blonde is very "Sure". Everyone else must be "Unsure".


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Matt said...

Oh my god! That's hilarious. Just as much fun reading it as it was doing it. By the way, that girl I took home had the clep so uhm... yeh. ;)